31 Celebration with Kids from Talisay, Bacolod

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

U! Happy Events went beyond Manila area for the first time last Saturday, October 25 for Talisay Kids. It was a half day event centred on nourishment and reading program for Concepcion Elementary School Kids in Talisay, Bacolod. This event was in partnership with Paghidaet Foundation, a group of women based in Bacolod aimed in uplifting lives of Kids and Nourish the Children, a worldwide advocate of treating malnourishment.

Talisay Kids coincided with L.U.C.K (Love, Understanding for Cancer Kids). Kuya Harvard and his team were “forced” to separate tasks. In providing opportunities in blessing Kids, we took this challenge and made both Happy Events happen at the same time. It was both a great success! =)

This project was initiated through the sponsorship of Ms. Gerrine San Diego and her friends in Paghidaet Foundation. Gerrine having been a regular pledge partner for U! Happy Events, tapped us for a much bigger collaboration in her hometown Bacolod. Thank U! for your heart to serve the Kids.

U! Happy Events taps individuals and groups who are looking for opportunities to support Kids. We also get to encourage people to get involved through creative variation of events, targeting different interests. We are the intermediaries between partner volunteers and the beneficiaries- the Kids who deserve a better life.

This great partnership gave way to sponsorship of 100 bags of Vitameal and base food for 100 Kids. It is a supplement by Nourish the Children, a humanitarian project of worldwide company Pharmanex, to fight malnourishment. Vitameal contains a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. It provides essential fatty acids required for normal brain development, skin health, and immune defense. We also distributed hundreds of books and gave a seminar for teachers on how to read effectively to Kids. They’re library now has great additions!

Our flight was scheduled October 24. We took the day to finalize plans with our partners over breakfast, lunch and dessert. Bacolod is known for its variety of great food at much lower price. We got to prepare the food as well and tour the mall for prizes. The price of commodities there was much more affordable than Manila.

Talisay Kids started at around 830AM. Our guest of honor was no other than the Congressman of Negros Occidental, Hon. Jose Carlos “Kako” Lacson, the husband of Ms. Cecil Lacson, one of the founding leaders of Paghidaet Foundation.

It was a simple program but had a lot of impact not only to Kids but to the parents and the organizers as well. We had intermission numbers from talented Kids. One of them was a nine year old champion of Bacolod in singing. He was simply unbelievable. This is one of the reasons why we do what we do- we believe in Kids and we support them.

We had rounds of messages from partners including a small talk on Nourishment and Reading, games for the Kids and their parents, breakfast and reading with the Kids. This program gave way to possibilities of duplication. As we have more sponsors coming in, the government of Bacolod and Paghidaet committed to tap more schools in giving concrete solutions in malnourishment and knowledge building.

Day 3 of this U! Happy Event was a trip to the town of Bacolod. Did you know it was recently surveyed as the best place to live in the Philippines? It’s a city balanced with city and rural life. Day 4 was our last meeting to map out a initial 6 month program for reading and nourishment. We have outlined a daily menu and process analysis with parents and teachers on reading.

Be part of our cause today…. If you know anyone who wishes to help, we assist and create programs through events for U!… for free. =) Change starts with U!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events