557 Sun Life’s Financial Literacy with AHA Learning Center and Metro World Child

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Benjamin Franklin has a quote that got stuck with me for many years. He says that “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” In this event co-sponsored by financial giant, Sun Life Philippines, we emphasized the value of financial knowledge to 80 children of AHA Learning Center and 40 from Metro World Child. We got two NGOs so we could get 120 to participate in their 120th year anniversary.

This event was close to my heart not only because I get to host a big outreach like this, it was also because am a financial planner myself. I have been in the industry for 17 years, having been influenced by my parents growing up. It was a combination of two of the things I do often and love- share volunteerism and how to manage one’s wealth.

The morning had so much expectations. We don’t get to have an audience of 200 people often. This kept me on my feet from the time I woke up. We also have 6 events on that day which added to more excitement.

We started with our customary grouping and ended up with 18 teams, each group having big circles. After getting settled we jump started it with getting to know questions which include their names, favorite subject and their favorite teacher. This was our way to slowly get the children comfortable to the volunteers and vice versa.

Next was our financial literacy program. I got to share money terms and their importance through our game Bring Me Art. I would task teams to cut different things associated to finance which included bank, currency, an agent and even things associated to success like retirement and travel. The first team to complete a bring me item by putting it up all in the air wins.

To complement our topic further, we got Kuya Robby to teach an art activity on making their own wallets. Simple put wallet will be a good reminder on what they learned that day. The workshop had an origami and designing element. The children were taught how to fold board paper and color them to life. Our photos show so much creativity in each of their creations.

As we finished up, we served early lunch to all and distributed tokens. The tokens had story books and a handful of other useful items.

Our last hurrah was a giant group photo! It was delight to witness that many smiling faces. Each one gained new knowledge not just on finance but also of each other. New friends and perspectives in life were made too.

Thank you once again Sun Life! We look forward for more partnerships with U! 🙂

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