203 Summer Musical Workshop 4 with UNO Kids

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

This is it. The fourth and the final workshop at Makabata Guest House in Malate, Manila. We had different volunteers come and visit. Some attended more than once. The core teachers were there all the time- so now the relationship with the kids have grown as well.

We had the usual orientation and ice breakers before we went on to do a series of run through and corrections. We got to push the kids even further. We emphasized on bigger movements, more lively facial reactions and improving their particular roles altogether whether that was in singing, acting or dancing.

Besides the workshop, we also introduced to the kids the U! dance from the song, Happy by Aiyesha Woods. Check out and see how catchy and fitting the song is for our group. Kuya Harvard lead the choreography and got everyone dancing after. We believe that dancing makes people closer. The goal was achieved then. Volunteers and kids lightened up and smiled more.

We look forward to seeing you volunteers on May 11 10am at CCF Makati in A.Venue Mall so you can see how this raw talent blossom to a real performance. We need you there. The bigger the audience, the more confidence these kids will have. 🙂 Let’s volunteer for talent, for their future.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events