205 Summer Musical with UNO Kids

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

The Summer Musical was finally happening on stage after weeks of preparation and workshops with UNO kids. If you look into our past 4 workshops events, you will see just how much the volunteers and kids were into this whole production. Finally it happened with hundreds of witnesses and our smiles are from the left to the right of our ears. 🙂

The core team and the kids woke up very early of May 11. We had CCF open its doors as early as 6am. We had the dress rehearsals, make up and lots of words before the UNO kids gets themselves camera ready. While they were backstage, we were interacting with a crowd. We even had them dance Giyomi.

Besides the Musical we also had acting games and kinect. Check out the photos of that too! These activities were designed to create more interaction with the volunteers and the kids. 15 kids from Tuklasan were also present.

Below is an article written by by the Summer Musical Director, Jeanie Sison. She made this happen with her team of AJ Navalta, Janina Tolentino and fiance, Khris Espinoza. What a team. We were so blessed to have them with us.

Whenever I look back on the four weekends of workshops and rehearsals, plus the culminating activity we had for Summer Musical 2013, I am still left in awe.

First, I am reminded of how God orchestrated everything, and enabled us to prepare for the workshops despite, and inspite of all the hurdles. I initially didn’t think I’d be able to teach all the workshops because of a busy work schedule and because I wasn’t in the best of health that month. But everytime I had to teach a workshop, He gave me enough time and the right amount of energy to make sure I was able to teach what I needed to, and that the kids learned what they needed to as well.

More importantly, He made sure I had the best co-teachers and U-Happy volunteers who helped make sure that all activity plans and rehearsals were done on time, and with a whole lotta fun. The care and effort they put into the kids seriously inspired me and working with them really was such a blessing!

Second, I remember just how awesome the kids were in preparing and practicing, and how all of them blossomed into really good and unique performers…in just four weekends!

Some of the kids started out as very shy. Some of them were initially embarrassed to get out of their shells. Some didn’t think they had it in them to be performers. But come performance time, all of them shone brightly and confidently, and it was so wonderful to see their families and friends smile, laugh, and just enjoy the show. Seeing the pictures of the culminating activity reminds me of just what I volunteered for, and how volunteering can really make a difference in other people’s lives.

Lastly, Summer Musical 2013 taught me that volunteerism may not always be easy because it entails investing time, effort, talent and sometimes, emotions. But it’s true when they say that the rewards are far greater. After Summer Musical 2013, I now have 25 new awesome and talented kids in my life, new big-hearted UHappy friends, a bagful (or more) of inspiration, and a whole bunch of memories to make me smile.

Volunteer now. It will change your life. 🙂

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