763 Street with He Cares Foundation

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Written by Secretary, Ate Ren dela Cruz

The threat of rain nor anything else could not stop U! Happy Event’s first major event of the year, STREET, which was held last Saturday, May 28 at the Portal, Greenfield District. Announced several months before the event, STREET is a grand event organized by Kuya Harvard and the rest of the U! Happy team to raise funds for the benefit of the He Cares Mission scholars.

It was a pretty amazing afternoon which started with a little drizzle. This did not prevent over a hundred of our kids and volunteers to have fun, however, as they all gathered under the tent for the first part of the program which was to group themselves together. Kuya Harvard also encouraged us all to pray for a rain-free afternoon and even did a countdown for the rain to stop! A few minutes after the grouping and opening prayer and soon enough, the sun started to go shine and the showers came to a halt.

We excitedly played In or Out with the kids, and kuya Harvard asked me to co-host the day’s events with him from then on. After the first game we then got the groups to spread out since the rain had stopped and we proceeded with our getting to know segment. Shortly after, the former Ambassador of Chile to the Philippines, Sir Roberto Mayorga, graced the event and delivered an inspiring message that included him applauding Filipinos for being the friendliest people he has ever encountered! It was truly a delight to hear this from such an esteemed guest. Next on our program was “Pass the Ball” game, which was also a delight to the kids and kids at heart as they sharply took turns passing around a ball in their group, careful to remember the chosen “move” that they had to do once the music stops with them holding the ball during a turn. This was especially fun because of all the actions they had to do including “karate kid” and “Charlie’s Angels”.

Soon after, we called on resident U! Happy artists, ate Blanca, for one of the main events for STREET which was mural painting. Ate Blanca prepared the murals each group had to paint, which depicted various people with occupations and jobs contributing to the community, that kids could have once they finished with their schooling. It was such a fitting display of hope for the kids of He Cares who were being supported through the scholarships given by generous individuals. The kids and volunteers proceeded with their art, with the ates and kuyas guiding the little ones who were excitedly painting on the murals.

After we finished up with the colorful murals, we then proceeded to another highlight of the event, which was the bands’ performances! This was much to the enjoyment of the crowd and even those within the Greenfield area, as the bands that agreed to support the children were well-known and very talented! Our lineup of performers were The Martys, Banda ni Kleggy, BebeRiz and Jug HoneyLuv of Women’s Business HipHop, and our main act, 6Cycle Mind! As the afternoon turned to night the children and volunteers bonded even more as they listened to each performance and enjoyed the day filled with so much love and energy. After the final number, kuya Harvard thanked all the volunteers for supporting and spending a full Saturday afternoon with the kids, and we gathered for a group photo to cap off an amazing event.

STREET was truly an awesome event from start to finish! Thank you to everyone who supported this grand event!




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