229 Ate Aila’s Star City Tour with Metro World Child

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Written by board member, Glenn Costales

Another Saturday of ‘amusement’ was again in store for the wonderful volunteers and partners of U! Happy Events. Even with the drizzly weather, tremendous excitement and energy set the stage for a grand time at Star City in Pasay. The event was sponsored by Aila who chose to celebrate her 10th birthday with 15 kids from Metro World Child. This organization is a Christian-based, non-profit group who is committed to serving inner city children throughout the world.

Together with her mom, Aiza, and a number of close relatives, Aila first brought the kids to Tropical Hut just outside Star City to enjoy a full-blown birthday party. The kids immediately got their blood pumping as they danced to Gwiyomi, Gentleman and Cha-Cha. After that, the U! team continued to ride the wave of the kids’ energy as they played a couple of games together with the birthday celebrant. First was the Cheese-Ring-Straw-Relay game that really got everyone excited with 2 teams competing for the prizes. Next up was the Paper-Cup-Pyramid game (ala Minute-to-win-it). In this game, the kids took turns building a pyramid out of the paper cups, disassembling them, and rebuilding them once more.

After a delightfully nourishing lunch, the kids got in the mix again with a pabitin game prepared by Aila. The kids really leaped and reached out for those candy bars, lollipops and gifts hanging overhead. And just when the kids thought the prizes and giveaways were over, Aila surprised them with school supplies and other gifts to cap off the party.

But the afternoon was just getting started.

The team then made their way inside Star City. The group first visited Snow World where the kids got to wear blue and red jackets provided by the park. Needless to say, it was freezing cold inside. It was the first time for the kids (and a number of adults too) to experience such an icy environment. A giant slide was present in the middle of Snow World as well and it highlighted the ‘snowy’ adventure.

With the cold feeling behind them, it was only right for the group to ‘thrill’ themselves back to normal body temperatures. The Mummy tour was just what the doctor ordered. The kids screamed, jumped, ran, and then screamed some more as they experienced the dark and frightening sounds of the attraction.

Lastly, a day in a theme park would not be complete without a trip to the bumper cars. The kids got to channel their inner city drivers as they maneuvered their way around each other. It was indeed the perfect way to complete the visit.

Despite not being able to visit all the rides because of the pouring outdoor conditions, the kids still wore their wide smiles as they said their goodbyes and thank you’s. Through the generous hearts of Mommy Aiza, Aila and her family, the kids of Metro World Child were blessed with a fun-filled time at Star City, a remarkable occasion they won’t soon forget.

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