625 Standard Chartered Bank’s Fitness Workshop with Habitat for Humanity

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Written by Vice President for External, Charmain Tan

Today’s event was held at a Habitat for Humanity project at the Food Terminal Inc. (FTI) complex in Taguig. The multi-story residential development was completed in 2008, where homes were handed over to 96 families. The Habitat home families used to be part of an urban informal settlement that had formed at the FTI complex. The three-story housing project is now a place they can call home. We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to spend some time with the children in this community.

The volunteers from today’s event were from Standard Chartered Bank mostly from the Taguig branch.

It was a dynamic Saturday as we planned energetic activities for the kids. We started by introducing the volunteers to the kids. The volunteers spelled their names using body language. Then we grouped the kids and volunteers so they can get to know each other. They talked about their favorite sport, food, and color.

We then moved on to the fitness workshop by our fitness trainer Kuya Joshua Berin. He started with the warm up exercises. He asked them to so some stretches and jumps to start off. He then gave a specific animal that the volunteers and kids had to act out. For instance, he said frog, and everyone had to jump up and down mimicking the animal. Kuya Josh then said penguin and they had to walk like one. Another animal he gave was monkey and everyone was laughing while mimicking the animal.

They then did some leg workouts by doing squats while holding the balloon in front of them.

After the hard work came the fun. We did the super fun calamansi relay. Each member of the group had to hold a spoon with the calamansi and run all the way to the chair in front and go around it. The challenge was to be as fast as they could without dropping the calamansi. Everyone was cheering and encouraging their teammates to be fast so they can win.

We had our last game which was balloon relay. The first member of the team had to pass the balloon to the person behind them and then the next and so forth. When the balloon reached the last person he had to run to the front of the line and pass the balloon to the person behind. The members had to keep passing and running to the front until their line reached the front finish line. After the intense fitness and games everyone had to cool down a bit. We then gave the food and story books to the kids as they said their thank you to the ates and kuyas for spending time with them.

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