661 St. Luke’s Medicine Students Christmas Parol with Philippine General Hospital

Friday, December 11, 2015

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Glyza Loleng
Edited by Board Member, Ate Ren dela Cruz

Our visit at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) was for the young, smart, and ambitious little children who have been injured due to unexpected accidents and have been confined in the hospital for a few days in the Pedia Ward. Some kids have foley catheter connected to urinary bag while others are still on their infusion therapy. Some are sitting happily on their wheelchair and some have their cast on their arms. As I walked around inside the ward, I saw a patient with nasogastric tube who wanted to come and enjoy his time with us but due to his undesirable condition, he just smiled shyly and chose to stay in his bed.

A few days from now, it will be Christmas and I’m pretty sure that all of them are praying they can come home before then and celebrate that day with their loved ones. Today, our soon-to-be doctors from St. Lukes Medical Center organised an event with these children to alleviate their sadness and to let them feel the true spirit of Christmas while inside the hospital.

Our designated area was a little bit small for almost 80 medical students, 25 kids and 7 staff, yet we tried to fit all of ourselves in that room to be able to hold this awesome day. We were all laughing looking at ourselves as we weree like sardines in a can. Kuya Harvard with his witty mind called this event an intimate one as we can exchange our face next to others. Nevertheless, we didnt mind it! We were still up for our goal of giving happiness to our dear children.

As we started, Kuya Harvard grouped them together and let them be familiarized with each other, building rapport. As we continued, we gave them origami materials and made simple pieces of art with the help of our core team members, Ate Mikel and Ate Char. They made small airplanes in different colors and threw it up in the air after in the tune of I Believe I Can Fly.

Our art master Ate Blanca prepared an origami themed Christmas Parol shaped like stars. She gave each group simple materials – scissors, glue, yarns and different colored art paper. First she instructed to fold the paper accordingly so that they can create a diamond and then glue it together. Many more points from ate Blanca followed until voila, the masterpieces were finished! These were intended to be placed beside their beds.

Despite a small space, Kuya Harvard managed a simple game after and gave them story books. What a beautiful day to see those little angels smiling, laughing and singing as they felt one with the volunteers in celebrating the Christmas season.

As our time with them came to an end, our medical students handed their presents to our patients after giving lunch which was prepared by our team. Kudos to all of you, our future doctors! Thank you for being servants today.

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