634 Sparkonomicks at GT Toyota

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Written by Vice President for External, Ate Charmain Tan

Last Saturday’s event was the National Youth Congress 12: The Millennial Puzzle, The State of the Philippines, Piece by Piece. The convention is held annually at the University of the Philippines (U.P.) It was hosted by the UP Economics Society and UP School of Economics Student Council. NYC is a nationwide economics convention for high school students. The theme of this year’s convention is to see the Philippines under the lens of the millennium development goals as it surges towards sustainable development. Today was the first day held at GT Toyota Building in the UP Diliman campus. U! Happy Events was one of the NGO partners for this year.

There were hundreds of delegates who attended the event. These are student leaders and teachers from high school all over the country. It is inspiring to see our youth being molded into great leaders of our future.

As it was the first day the students were starting to arrive for the registration. They were given IDs and the official NYC shirts. After that they can visit the U! Happy events booth where we offered face painting. The students enthusiastically had their faces painted of their favorite superheroes, musical instruments, a funny mustache, and others.

I was able to talk to some of the delegates. Some of those I talked to came from Philippine Science High School Cebu. It was interesting to know there was a lot of activities planned for them for the weekend. As they were from Cebu they flew in a day earlier to visit their campus in Metro Manila before the convention started. I also talked to some of the student organizers and one of them said he used to be a delegate when he was in high school and now he’s part of the team that made the event possible.

As the delegates visited our booth we had the opportunity to invite these young leaders to join our volunteering events. They showed interests and asked questions about what kind of activities we have. We were able to discuss with them what U! Happy Events is about and inspire them to participate with us as we reach out to children of communities with lesser opportunities. We go to orphanages, schools, hospitals, and communities and create unique activities for these children. I was able to talk about the mural paintings we did, ice skating activity, as well as our range of workshop options like art, acting, singing, and dancing.

One of our core team leaders, Kuya XP, is an alumni of UP. He used to be part of the UP Economics Society. Few years back he was part of the organizing team for the NYC. Now he’s one of the core leaders for U! Happy Events. It’s was nice to see him be reunited with his previous org-mates during the event. It was also fulfilling to know that U! Happy Events serves as inspiration to our future leaders.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events