860 Skate Date with CCT Visions of Hope

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Micah Maligaya

As one of the tropical countries, local residents of the Philippines only experience either steaming hot sunny days or endless shaky thunderstorms. One will immediately know when Christmas season has come because of the change from humid to crisp air. But for kids from Visions of Hope, a new experience unravelled–one icey Christmas!

30 kids from Visions of Hope from Laguna were invited by U! Happy, with the assistance of some volunteers who sponsored the kids, to the Ice Skating Rink at SM Megamall. 30 bubbly and warmed up heads woke up early to do some stretching and skating, swooshing and dancing on top of ice.

The kids, volunteers and some ates and kuyas from U! Happy were guided by the lovely twins, ate Chelsea and ate Kirsten. These two twinkle toes have been in love with skating since they were little and have competed outside the country carrying our Philippine flag. From baby steps on blades, body balancing and few kicks, everyone was already playing under the chilling atmosphere after a short tutorial from our twin ates. Here and there, you’ll hear giggles everywhere.

After a very tiring yet fun gliding, hungry tummies were filled with endless slices of pizza and spaghetti plates at Pizza Hut. Some had 2, some had more. The ice really absorbed all their energies and had to get refilled. Thanks to kuya Harvard, everyone got recharged.

The kids had their safe trip home, armed with the story books from Adarna House and had their hearts, not frozen, but warmed by their early Christmas gifts from U!Happy and Santa Claus volunteers.

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U! Happy Events