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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

It was December 6, 2014 when the team went to Tuklasan Foundation to gather kids and volunteers for the purpose of highlighting interaction through fun-filled games. The event started with our usual orientation and creation of groups. Each group was comprised of kids from Tuklasan together with our own volunteers, who are mostly members of sponsor, Singles for Christ (SFC), Students of De La Salle University (DLSU), and students of SoFA (School of Fashion & the Arts) Design Institute.

Our Games were subdivided into three (3) categories: physical, mental, and emotional. Our first game was Get In, which is a physical-focused game to help release the energy of kids and volunteers. It was a good start for everyone as each team was able to conceptualize their own strategies for them to win the game. Our second game was “Pera or Regalo”, which is a mental-focused game to help kids and volunteers come up with right answers for our mind-boggling questions. Our last game was Sing Like You Mean It, which is an emotion-focused game to help kids and volunteers familiarize songs just by humming it out. There are no lyrics, just emotions. The hall was filled with cheers and gladness as everyone became energetic and very eager to win.

Interactive story telling came in next. Kids and volunteers gathered and created a big circle to turn the spotlight on to kuya Jay of Adarna House. His first story was “May Tatlong Palaka”. He read the story in a form of rap and each time he mentions the keyword, everybody would respond “kokak, kokak, koka” depending on the kind of emotion he wanted them to portray. His next story was “Ang Walong Baso ni Kuya Paquito”. This time, the story was read in a very animated manner. Everyone paid attention really well as the story delivered important and valuable lessons.

The event turned out successful. We were able to deliver what we need to highlight in this event – interaction. It is really important for us to teach kids interact with one another especially that we are living in a world filled with gadgets. Kids, nowadays, are giving much attention at playing gadgets rather than playing with friends. It is a very serious matter because it highlights zero interaction, which allows them to create a world-of-their-own – a world that separates them from the magnificence that this real world has to offer.

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