420 Shell’s Christmas with Ospital ng Makati

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

Warriors have a wide range of weapons that they use in every battle. Some use swords like the Roman kinsmen. Some use spears like the Greek Gladiators. Some use pens like the brilliant writers and philosophers. But our present day heroes use none of these. Instead, they have courage. Courage to fight and surpass each session of the war. Our heroes, these kids surviving Cancer.

Through the sponsorship of Shell, the activity was conducted at the Ospital ng Makati on December 20, 2014.

Name tags with numbers were distributed to the kids and the volunteer ates and kuya to start the activity. The first 3 ate and kuyas who found their partners gave some sample dancing in front of everyone. Then a few minutes were given to the pairs for some getting to know time. It was a fun icebreaker but let the real battle begin!

First Round: Body Works
Each pair puts together body parts. All commands are connected to the next. So the kids, Ates and Kuyas were literally connected to each other; elbows to shoulders, heads to heads, knees to toes. And everyone was up to the challenge!

Second Round: Show Me Your Face
Pairs come up with the best given expression together. Emotions were directed by the host and the participants shall show the best reaction/expression they can make. This is the time for the celebrity wanna be!

Third Round: Blow Me Up
The pairs shape balloons together according to the size requested. A great deal of speed and teamwork is needed to win this game.

After the battle rounds, of course everyone was proclaimed winners and won the prize of fun and friendship. While the kids rest, they were sweetly serenaded by Mikkie Regalado and Jed Dumawal. Performance level indeed!

Food is served for our survivors. Super smiles from the kids, their guardians and their ates and kuyas. Thank you to our partner Shell for the gift giving after. Everyone was full of life and positivity!

But the happiness doesn’t end yet. The Core Team extended the love even to the children in the Pediatric ward to give more gifts.

These kids, at their very tender age had numerous battle scars but they managed to smile and laugh their hearts out. Our goal was to change their lives. But in the end, it was them who changed ours.

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