883 SGV’s Zumba Workshop with Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

It’s another busy weekend as it was the last weekend before Christmas. This morning we all headed to Moises High School in Manila to welcome the kids of Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid (2KK). All 100 kids arrived very early as everyone was excited for the day’s activities. The children from today were from communities in Payatas, Sampaloc, and Escopa. 2KK is a group of volunteers from high school, college and young professional who spend their weekends with the children of Payatas and other nearby communities to teach them values and assist them in their learning. The sponsors for the day were accountants and auditors from the top accounting firm in the country, SGV & Co (SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co). These group of office friends wanted to celebrate their holidays with these children. As everyone loved dancing, Zumba was the main activity for the day.

We first introduced the volunteers to the kids. We asked the volunteers to say their name by singing their name. Some were very creative as they incorporated their names into songs like Jingle Bells and other popular songs. The kids picked the winner by giving him the loudest clap. Kuya Paul then showed us his range as he sang the full song of Silent Night.

We divided everyone into ten groups, a mix of volunteer and kids. The weather did not cooperate as it rained while we were starting the program. We moved to the covered area and with 100 kids plus more than 20 volunteers it was indeed a bit crowded. Despite that everyone still had a great time.

Our first game was Pass the Ball. Each team was given one ball which they passed around their groups mates while the song was playing. When the song stopped whoever was holding the ball had to stand up. The first person that stood up got a point. To add to the challenge whoever was the winner for that round had to do a 10 second dance. It turned out not be a challenge after all as the winners really enjoyed their solo dance performance.

The second game we played was Scoop the Fishes. Each team was given a big “bilao”, paper plates, and paper cut sea creatures. The sea creatures were placed on the bilao and the teams had to use the paper plates to fan them away from the bilao. Players weren’t allowed to touch the papers with their hands. It was really funny as all the energetic kids and volunteers fanned as hard as they could. The problem with doing that was the papers flew back and forth. While they were fanning them away they were also fanning them back. The next round we asked them to do the opposite. The sea creatures were placed outside and around the bilao. The instruction was for them to fan the papers back into the bilao. It was another fun round to watch as everyone fanned as fast as they could. The kids couldn’t help but touching the papers and used their hands to transfer the papers. In the end we picked the group that did not cheat, which was group 4. The kids really followed the rules. They resisted the urge to grab the papers and just kept patiently fanning them until they all made it in the bilao.

The last game was the Banderitas Challenge. Teams were given strings and colored papers. The instruction was to make as much banderitas as possible within the given amount of time. Everyone cut big banderitas while one team cut really small ones. When we counted the banderitas the least number was 25 and the winning team had more than 100 banderitas. It was the team that cut the smallest banderitas won. It was their strategy to make really small ones to be able to put as much on the string. It was a smart strategy as no size was specified, only the count mattered. Group 9 won that challenge.

To everyone’s excitement we moved on to the main event, the Zumba. Our zumba instructor Kuya Alvin showed his zumba moves while playing popular songs as well as Christmas songs. The kids and volunteers all had so much fun. As they say all Pinoys love dancing. The kids were really adorable as they followed Kuya Alvin’s dance moves. The ates and kuyas, despite the area being crowded, gave all their energy as they danced with the kids.

After the energetic morning we got to have our early lunch as the volunteers got to share meals with the kids. The volunteers gave out spaghetti noche buena gift packs for the kids. The kids of 2kk then performed a song and a dance number as a way of thanking the volunteers for spending their time with them and blessing them with gifts this holiday season.

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