478 SGS Philippines’ Dance Workshop with Little Lights

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

SGS Philippines Inc. – the Philippine arm of the world’s leading company in terms of inspection, verification, testing, and certification – partnered with U! Happy Events for a dance workshop for thirty one (31) kids of Little Lights Ministry. The event was conducted at SGS Philippines’ very own place at Chino Roces Avenue, Makati last March 25, 2015.

The event started by pairing volunteers and kids. This time, it’s a race for volunteers in finding their kid, who bears the same number with him/her. First three pairs to present to kuya Harvard automatically won a prize. But here’s the twist. These three pairs needed to dance in front of the audience in order for them to get another prize. With their groove and confidence, Mark and Erminda won the dance challenge.

Thirty one (31) kids and thirty one (31) volunteers (Most of them are chemists) were divided into 5 groups. Each member of the group was given the chance to share their information (name, talent, and favorite song) to the group. This is an important activity for them to develop comfort, which will help in executing a dance routine with confidence and attitude.

Dance workshop came in next. It was conducted by none other than kuya Japs. Kuya Japs started the workshop with proper warm up exercises. Dance lesson came in next. Kuya Japs taught kids and volunteers an attitude-filled and fun-filled routine of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. Basing from how kids and volunteers react and responded to the routine, we can say that they do had a great time. Those great energy, eagerness, and laughter filled the entire room.

When everyone got the whole routine right, it’s time for a group competition. Group 4, group 5, group 2, group 1, and group 3 performed respectively. Every group gave their best shot, which made it hard for Kuya Japs to decide for the winning team. Group 3 was declared the winner in this competition. And to properly end the workshop, cool down was performed by everyone.

To entertain kids, Kuya Arvin and ate Clarrise of SGS Philippines Inc. prepared their very own version of a magic show (chemistry-filled acts). They showed liquids change colors when solutions were poured (a result of chemical reaction); burned a PhP 500.00 bill, which became fireproof caused by another solution they made; and lastly, created elephant’s toothpaste sprouting from a graduated cylinder.

As a means of making sure those kids will never forget the experience, SGS Philippines Inc. gave kids loot bags and toured them in different offices. As kids pass by every employee, they received scissors, candies, pens, bond papers, notebooks, snacks, and coloring materials from them. It was such a creative thing to do in showing how supportive everyone in the company is.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events