448 SGS Gulf Limited’s Valentine Plant with Makati Bangkal High School

Friday, February 13, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

Love is the scent everyone desires to smell and spread. This February season, the flowers of love are in bloom – the right time to spread those butterfly wings of our humble volunteers and guide our little love bugs in inhaling fresh love to share.

It may have been the legendary Friday the 13th, but for U! Happy Events, this day can turn all bad lucks to the best ones. Yes, this Valentine season our hearts chose to date kids! SGS Gulf Limited opened their community for the love giving and sharing event with the kids from Makati Bangkal Elementary School. Core members, volunteers and employees from SGS were all gathered in attaining one goal: making the air full of the scent of love.

Of course, we start off by grouping the kids, ates and kuyas for a little getting to know. After everyone had gotten known enough, a dance showdown emerged at the center to really break the ice.

To make something he-artful for the kids, the workshop was about celebrating the feast of St. Valentine. The materials used were sticks, colored papers, scissors and pens. The kids were taught how to make a table decor made from heart shaped cut outs. Romantic words were written, dedicated for the people they love the most. And to squeeze those creative juices from the kids, the top 3 best works were awarded!

After the workshop, snacks were distributed to boost the energy for the next activity. Also, the real Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids were given – school supplies for their studies!

SGS was so kind to let us have a tour inside their amazing office. And we were surprised that inside the room, love is definitely not just in the air but also in the walls, corridors, ceilings, in everywhere! They even had guys to serenade and set up a marriage booth! While kids passed by, candies were given side by side, as if there was a little trick or treat.

Our last stop was at the pantry: eating time! The group then showed their lovely smiles for the picture taking to end this heartful event. Of course, love was shared with warm hugs.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples to celebrate but for everyone. For friends who got each others backs, for siblings that were always there since birth, for parents who love unconditionally, and for kids who always love purely. More than flowers and sweets, candle lit dinners and movies; it was a heart-felt-knee-melting date, indeed!

Have a date with us. 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events