417 SGS Gulf Limited’s Story Telling Workshop with A-HA! Learning Center

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Written by Core Team Leader, Ren dela Cruz

The fact that it was a weekday last December 17, it didn’t deter our U! Happy volunteers from SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) in bringing smiles and early Christmas blessings to the kids of A-HA! Learning Center, through a Story Telling Workshop held at Barangay Valenzuela Multi Purpose Hall in Makati.

To start the program, each volunteer was assigned a set of kids to group with and get to know. After the activity, Kuya Harvard introduced U! Happy Events’ resident story teller, Kuya Rich Rodriguez to the group, to get the Story Telling workshop underway. As any story teller knows, acting plays an important part in sharing and telling great stories. To develop this skill, we had the children and volunteers do impromptu acting sessions in three groups, and everyone gamely acted out whatever Kuya Rich was telling them to do. The giggling children and volunteers danced, posed, pretended to swim, and did other funny things as Kuya Rich helped them make their posing and acting better. After a few rounds of acting, each group then proceeded to the story telling exercise, wherein each group had to read a story while portraying different emotions–which had everyone laughing and enjoying each others’ performances. An added entertainment to the exercises was when one of our volunteers wholeheartedly did a solo performance, acting out a story that Kuya Rich was saying out loud.

After the workshop was merienda time, where the kids and volunteers had another opportunity to bond closely over pansit, sandwiches and drinks. Gift-giving soon followed, wherein we gave the kids school supplies, sweet treats, and storybooks, which were sponsored by the SGS team as well. To cap off the event, everyone posed for the camera to capture the wonderful afternoon, and the kids hugged our volunteers goodbye. Thank you SGS for the early Christmas celebration you give to the kids of A-HA! Learning Center.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events