414 Safeway Philtech’s Christmas with Holy Family Home

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

It was the 3rd event of the day and the calm glimmer of the afternoon sun settled at Holy Family Home in Pembo, Makati City. The kids lined up to get vibrantly sketched characters onto their skin courtesy of face painter, Kuya Eric. Christmas tunes also played in the background as the kids eagerly awaited the arrival of their kuyas and ates for the day.

The volunteers from Safeway Philtech Inc. soon arrived in their Christmas red shirts equally excited about the day’s activities. Safeway Philtech is a fully owned subsidiary of Safeway Inc., one of the largest supermarket chains in North America. The Philippine-based company functions as a Technology Center providing application and infrastructure support to Safeway’s internal operations.

After grouping everyone into 4 teams, the kids and volunteers were given a few minutes to get friendly with one another through U!’s getting-to-know questions. They also got to choose their own team names which made their first interaction even more fun.

The event then played its first game – Shape It Up. In the game, the teams were given clues to specific shapes being asked for. They then had to join hands to form the required shape. The team that was the fastest and got the shape correctly got the point. As the game progressed, one team ‘shaped up’ and emerged the winner.

The next game was Reverse Charades. Instead of the usual charades, one representative had to guess the correct word while the rest of the group acted it out. Surprisingly, the teams were neck and neck as they seemed to be having an easy time guessing the words. In the end, one team bested the 3 others and was declared the winner in the Christmas-themed guessing game.

It was soon time for the event’s featured workshop – Balloon Twisting. Kuya Majinbu (his stage-name) led everyone in the colorful exercise. The kids and volunteers got to make a flower, a dog, a bear and many other shapes. Our expert also exhibited his skills by creating complex shapes and characters out of the special balloons.

Everyone then made their way to the dining hall to share an early evening meal. They likewise exchanged messages through U!’s Profile Exchange. It was the most intimate part of the event as the kids and volunteers really took the time to write their messages for each other.

Afterwards, the volunteers and kids gathered for a last time to say their well wishes and goodbyes. The event concluded with the kids receiving their Christmas gifts from Safeway. They even stayed around to spend some casual time with their ates and kuyas.

U! Happy Events again thanks the group from Safeway Philtech for spending their Saturday afternoon with the children of Holy Family Home. It was truly a wonderful time of fun and we hope to spend a day with both our volunteers and kids again soon.

Testimony from Kuya Jeff Burgos (of Safeway Philtech):

“A one of a kind experience. Priceless. All worth it. These are just some of the heart felt reactions after the interaction that we had with the kids of Home Family Home Foundation Inc., Makati. It helped open our awareness for how truly blessed we are with what we have in comparison with the kids of the said foundation. Even for a couple of hours spent with them, you can feel the happiness, excitement and longing for a family. For whatever reason that our Dear God has for them to be in that sanctuary, we are lucky enough to spend our time with them and share what we have, even for a short period of time. And yes, given the chance. I would do it over again.”

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events