562 RE2 Architecture International’s Bookmark Art with John David Salvador

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

You meet strangers and they can remain that way after. You reach out to a stranger and they can be of value to the organization. I met Richard Woodward on one of U! Happy Events’ sponsored events, Singles Professional meet up. He is the director and architect of RE2 Architect International and have made his team involved in what we do for children. Last August 9, we traveled together for an art workshop with John David V. Salvador Foundation.

Nine volunteers showed up early in Manila Hotel for our meet up. We usually have this iconic hotel as landmark whenever our feet brings us to Tondo, Manila. Currently we have 3 partner beneficiaries in the area.

I tasked the Kuyas and Ates to line up first in front so the children can meet them before they sat down with them. As they introduced their names they had to dance after. Although this posed a challenge to many volunteers, they got the children interested and engaged with their own version of steps.

Huddle time followed where each one shared their names, favorite color and their dreams among their groups. It was interesting how our foreign friends conversed and tried their best to understand each child. We also had Ate Yuri amongst our volunteer pool. She is our Japanese intern via partner AIESEC DLSU.

Fax Machine game ensued. It was an activity highlighting coordination, creativity and speed. Each person draws something at the back of the other until it reaches the front. The one in front then draws it on paper. The first one who submits the correct or closest item wins. This was an entertaining game. For example, we saw a star become a flower. :)

Kuya Robby took the helm to teach the skill and value of what art brings. That day we made unusual yet appropriate bookmarks. It was an activity that also encouraged children to love reading even more. Kuya Robby made sure each one followed step by step and got the volunteers heavily involved in what the children were busy with.

As the food arrived, made by one of their team members, we started wrapping up each masterpiece that everyone made. Photos abound as it was proud moment for each child and volunteer.

These happy events happen because of effort. Let’s continue to push ourselves to activate others. See you on the next ones!

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