192 Project Light with A Liter of Light

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Lighting homes, lighting hearts this 2013. Last March 7,2013, this event was launched headed by UP JMA in partnership with Liter of Light and our group. It was our first tie up with UP JMA and third for Liter of Light headed by Mr. Illac Diaz. It was inspired by our desire to give light to Filipinos living in darkness.

The event, held in the UP Sunken Garden, was entitled Project Light: UP Lights the Nation. Given this project name, the whole objective of the event was to mobilize the whole UP community to be involved in a grass roots movement to promote and implement an innovative and sustainable light source to homes. We promoted a solar bulb made out of a soft drink bottle, chlorine, and bleach that can light a home for 7 years without electricity. The main beneficiaries of this event were the different villages in the UP Diliman campus.

In Project Light, the UP community was given the chance to engage in solar bottle bulb making workshops and see the liter of light themselves. The event also featured the very first vegetable oil powered jeepney in the Philippines, another breakthrough in green technology pioneered by Mr. Chips Guevarra. For the rest of the day, the audience enjoyed great entertainment with performances by Extrapolation, End Goliath, Pinoy Funk’in Styles, POI dancers and many more! From teaching people how to make the bottle to lighting up five UP villages, we can see that the event has truly achieved so much. Watch out for our updates on these as we progress our partnerships! 🙂

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