1032 Pieceland Corporation’s Trick or Treat with Gawad Kalinga Laura, Taguig

Monday, October 30, 2017

Written by: Ate Charmain Tan, Vice President External

Halloween has been becoming more and more popular in the Philippines over the last few years. It is celebrated in other parts of the world every 31st of October, or popularly known as All Saints’ Eve. In observance of the Halloween tradition countries such US, Canada, and United Kingdom celebrate by Trick or Treating. People would dress up in costumes and go from one house to the other and say “Trick or Treat”. Homeowners would give them treats like candies and chocolates, which they put in their pumpkin baskets. This activity has recently become popular in the Philippines. First time celebrating Halloween, Pieceland Corporation invited the children from Gawad Kalinga Laura to participate in the Trick or Treat.

Pieceland Corporation is a real estate company that has its office headquarters in Marvin Plaza Building. It is a 9-story office building located in Makati City. The different offices were prepared for the Trick or Treat as they eagerly waited for the children. As the children of Gawad Kalinga arrived they were so excited and called out to us before they even got down from their van. They excitedly showed us their Halloween costumes. They all came prepared. They bought their costumes and some even had red and black makeup painted on their faces. Some of them wore scary masks, fangs, and wings of angel. These children live in one of the housing complex of Gawad Kalinga located in Laura Drive, Taguig. Teacher Irma accompanied the children to participate in the activity.

We were welcomed by Ate Ivy and Kuya Angelo from Pieceland Corporation. The children were divided into two groups and the Trick or Treating began. Cool loot bags awaited the kids as they arrived at the decorated offices full of webs and life-sized props like witches, skeleton, and scarecrows. When the kids got to an office they all would shout “Trick or Treat!” As the employees of the different companies were giving the treats to the kids they couldn’t help but take photos of the children. They found them so adorable as the energetic kids fell in line for the treats. The kids would then shout “Thank You!” as they leave to go to the next office. We went up all the way to the 9th floor and down to the ground floor. It was a lot of offices to cover but the kids’ energy were up all the way. By the time we finished the kids couldn’t even carry their treats anymore. They got so many gifts from candies, chocolates, drinks, and even toothbrush.

After the Trick or Treat we headed to the fifth floor where the kids got to know some of the volunteers from Pieceland Corporation. The kids were divided into four groups and each group came up with their group names. They were Scary Little Ladies, Warm Bodies, Squad Zombie, and Chanak. They all came out with a group cheer and we picked the Best Group Cheer, which was Scary Little Ladies. The volunteers in turn got to know the children in their groups as they talked about what things scare them the most.

After getting to know one another the groups got ready for the Ball Relay game. Each team formed a line in pairs and were given balls. They were to put the balls in between them and run all the way to the end and back. The team with all pairs finishing first got a point. Before each round we specified where to put the balls. We asked them to put it ear to ear, stomach to stomach, side to side. The kids were very competitive as they watched the other teams to make sure everyone followed the rules and nobody touched the balls. In the end Squad Zombie won the game.

After all the activities one of the GK kids led the prayer as the kids prepared to eat. They got to enjoy their fried children dinner and Ate Ivy topped it off with cupcakes and ice cream. All the fun wasn’t enough as all the kids did a group dance to the song Baby Shark. We gave prizes to the winners of the games. Winners of the special awards received big gifts. For the Boys Best in Costume one of the winners was the adorable James in a superman costume. Keith in a vampire costume was also a winner as well as a couple of other boys. For the Girls Best in Costume Sophia, in her Minnie Mouse costume, got a gift. Rian in her angel costume was also a winner as well as several other girls wearing fairy and witch costumes. A special award was given to Clarence to being the most cheerful of the bunch. We then had a final group photo with the GK kids happily hugging all their gifts. We thank Ate Ivy, Kuya Angelo and the rest of Pieceland Corporation for inviting the children to this amazing Trick or Treat experience.

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