539 PCCW’s Face Painting Workshop with Hospicio de San Jose

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

July 11 was not only busy day for U! Happy team for the 5 events we held; it was also particularly exciting because of the diversity of the activities that we prepared – a Mind Museum tour, Minions movie screening, art workshop, Larong Pinoy, and Face Painting workshop.

The last on the list was conducted at Hospicio de San Jose in Manila as sponsored by our first-time corporate partner, PCCW Teleservices. While this was to be our 6th event with the orphanage, it was our first time to bring Face Painting workshop to the Hospicio kids, so we were delighted at the prospect of imparting a new experience to them. Well, there’s also the nice fact that we’re learning something new ourselves.

It wasn’t long after we arrived at Hospicio gym that our volunteers from PCCW started turning up at the venue. 30 kids also soon poured in, and after they were given name tags and assigned into four groups, we were ready to begin!

The volunteers were called in front for introductions and a short presentation of their signature dance moves before they were led to the groups they were to bond with. There was a short getting-to-know time and a game of “Rock, Paper. Scissors” adapted for group play.

After the prizes were given to the winning kids, Ate Amy introduced our in-house face paint artist, Kuya Erik, who in no time began briefing us about his art and about the materials we were to use for the activity.

The volunteers had the first shot in painting the kids, and with Kuya Erik’s guidance, they drew the very timely Minions design on the kids’ cheeks. This fun activity was an occasion of building trust in the kids as they allowed their Ates and Kuyas to draw the iconic yellow figures on their faces.

When it was the kids’ turn to draw, Kuya Erik picked another model with whom he directed everyone into painting a design of flowers and then of a dragon. While some kids were initially hesitant, everybody soon picked up courage, and a paintbrush, and started drawing on the volunteers’ faces. Even in such a fun activity, a sense of accountability for other people is being introduced to the children. With their Ates and Kuyas as willing canvases, the kids exerted their best effort to not disappoint. Soon enough, our portion of the gym was full of colorful faces painted with minions and flowers and dragons, all beaming with proud and accomplished smiles.

Everybody then had the time to relish the experience over a hearty merienda. Gift-giving and picture-taking followed, but before we finally said goodbye to the kids, they crooned us with a ‘Thank You’ song which deeply touched our volunteers, bringing some of them to tears.

We were left with profound gratitude for the privilege of witnessing such beautiful connections taking place. These experiences, the expression of appreciation from our children beneficiaries, and the sense of fulfillment formed upon the volunteers make our efforts more than worth it. These priceless moments are our reward, moments when we are utterly convinced that small as our individual contributions may be, collectively we are making a significant impact to making this world a better place.

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