271 Ate Tina’s Parol Workshop with Children’s Joy Foundation

Monday, December 16, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Tina and her daughter, Bree went back to visit the Philippines to spend time with family and friends. She in turn has a tradition of outreach activities whenever she’s here. This is her first time to partner with U! Happy Events. It was her sister Vanessa who coordinated with us and we got her a match quite fast despite the busy season for charity.

It was 2pm on a Monday and we had a great weather. Our team proceeded to meet 50 kids from Children’s Joy Foundation located in Project 4. It was one of those far yet well worth trips that we do. It was our second partnership with them thus far. We will definitely come back and continue to partner with them.

They put up a place where said children will have a home where they could be given attention while they are given educational assistance and other developmental services. It provides temporary care for children and youth needing rehabilitative and developmental services. As what its name stands for, the Children’s Joy Foundation Inc., seeks to assist marginalized children to enjoy life to the full in a protective and caring environment, with a Godly fear oriented heart.

Our activities that day started with a string of presentations from the girls. They performed musical instruments, sang and danced to the delight of our team and the other kids from the community. The volunteers were challenged by Kuya Harvard to perform theirs right after. We had 2 games next- beach ball relay and stock me up. We made sure that everyone was involved. Story books were given to the winners.

Kuya Robby lead the Christmas Parol workshop. We bought skeleton versions and had teams with volunteers assist the children in their masterpiece. We encourage groups to work together and come up with a common theme. That instruction worked out well as they took the time to do their very best. We gave school supplies as we end.

This event is truly a Christmas feel with all the happy faces, gifts and performance for Him. Join us on our other events coming up this season. 🙂

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