397 Parol Making with A-HA Learning Center

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was our biggest delegation of kids and volunteers to date this 2014. It was also our first to partner with A-HA Learning Center. They provide a free tutoring center for public school children living in Makati. The Learning Center also aims to help in the total development of the child, through the values of Jesus Christ and to create a community of responsible, committed, and loving volunteers.

Our team was welcomed by 108 children with their parents including staff of A-HA Learning Center earlier than our call time. It was amazing to see a complete roster of our beneficiary 45 minutes before we start. It goes to show how willing and appreciative they are.

A group of professionals gathered resources to put this early Christmas celebration. They prepared a Parol workshop to start and put together individual wrap up gifts, books and school supplies on top of the Noche Buena package of Christmas ham, cheese and spaghetti. It was an upgrade from the usual gifts we have.

Kuya Harvard jump started the event with each member of every group introducing themselves and followed it with a game called Bring Me Christmas. It was a variation from Bring Me Art. The items he requested were all about Christmas. So volunteers and kids had to cut a snowman, bibingka and lechon just to name a few.

Kuya Jet Baroma took stage for the main activity that day- Christmas Parol. We got bamboos, scissors, hammers, nails, cellophane and Japanese paper to put this together. Yes, we got everyone to create it from scratch. It took right about an hour to create results. It was so worth it. Groups learned not only how to make it but also the value of discipline, listening, team work and creativity.

After lunch we got everyone together for a giant memory filled photo. Kuya Harvard also requested the kids to take the time to give their Kuyas and Ates a hug as a way of thank you.

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