233 Ate Sheila’s Paper & Pen Year 2 with Right Start

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Written by Core Team Leader, Raquel Rodriguez

“Many are called but few are chosen.” – Matthew 22:14

Many people have yet to realize the change they could make to the lives of the children. There are some who have much passion in blessing children and sharing what God has blessed them with. Ate Sheila though living in the United States still took the time to arrange a memorable event for Right Start. She held Pen and Paper Year 2 for her Birthday this month.

In our superhero themed event last Saturday, volunteers made their way in character. Smiles and happy faces of 37 kids settled in even before the program started. They were amused and took photos with some of the volunteers wearing their full superhero costumes. Kuya Harvard for example wore Mighty Thor.

We had praise and worship first, our way of giving thanks and showing love to the super of the superheroes, Jesus Christ. Seeing the kids singing and dancing for Him, really made the volunteers’ hearts filled with joy. After was a short yet creative game, Paint A Picture. Volunteers and kids were paired up to show different scenes. We had hospital, shopping mall, church, basketball game and a rescue scene by a superhero. It was a tight contest among 4 teams. Ate Arlene, co-founder of Right lead the judging.

One of the highlights of the event is the story of Noah, told by Kuya Rich. As we all know, God instructed Noah to build an ark for him and his family and tag along a pair of all living creatures (animals) when He decided to have the great flood. It came to life when the kids acted out some of the animals. Three people portrayed the ark. Laughter filled the room when they started moving as if there’s flood waves rocking Noah’s Ark. Fun, indeed!

We ended the event by giving school supplies to the kids. Thank you to the super-volunteers who came and shared their time. Thanks to Ate Lhai for being such a blessing to the kids and also, to Ate Jam who was co-celebrating her Birthday that day. They don’t even have extraordinary powers and superhuman strength to save the world but they are “Wonder Woman” in their own right.

You too can be a superhero! How? Join us on our next event and discover the superhero in U!

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