617 Owl Puppet with Philippine General Hospital

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

As we approach the peak season of outreach which are November and December, October got busy enough to have a weekday schedule. A small bunch of core team members including myself braved the morning traffic to Philippine General Hospital. It was our second event here in two months and we are expected to be back December 14 for a banner event with pediatric patients. We would like to thank our new coordinator Dra. Emy Cua for making all these events possible.

The patients who participated were post surgery. Most of them were cleft patients. It was a delight to witness their smiles throughout the morning activity we prepared. I was encouraged to give my best in hosting and so were the volunteers present that were partnered with them.

We had two main agendas. First we had an art workshop after getting to know each other in the groups and then reverse charades game. Ate Blanca took time to share how to make an owl fitting for the Halloween and I took care of making sure everyone got extra excited through our game.

After that we distributed blessings to the children. On top of our story books and packed lunches, Ate Summer gave coloring books. Next was our big photo which was followed by hugs of good bye.

I can’t wait to visit the hospital again. If you wish to go with me, please message us at 0917 8874278. 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events