245 Origami and Drawing Workshop with Right Start CDO

Monday, November 4, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Kuya Harvard turned his vacation in Cagayan de Oro (CDO) a more meaningful one when he initiated his own program for Right Start over there. Six of his friends who flew with him from Manila volunteered to make the event more relevant by sharing their talents in the arts. Seven other friends from CDO joined in the workshops as well.

It was a rainy Monday morning. Some of the kids arrived late because they came from the mountains nearby. The rains made it more difficult to travel. This encouraged the team further to serve all out that day.

Right Start started a center there 2 years ago after the town was badly hit by Sendong. They seek to provide underprivileged Filipino children with opportunities to tap and attain their full creative potential. This is achieved by giving them access to a friendly, clean and fun environment with engaging activities designed to fuel their passion for life. Right Start believes that by engaging children thru MUSIC, DANCE and CREATIVE ARTS, it is able to intervene in the children’s personal development while they are in their formative years.

The group there headed by Ate Elsie gave the volunteers much love and hospitality as we partnered to equip 33 kids with origami and drawing workshops. The photos show how much the kids enjoyed and learned from our volunteers. This is our primary goal as a group- to support and teach kids as we do events.

U! Happy Events also donated a brand new printer for the center’s use. The morning ended with a meal. Ate Arlene Sy, co-founder of Right Start told us that these kids would love to have Jollibee. We were happy to give them that wish.

Thank you to CDO Right Start team and of course to all the volunteers who took the time and shared their talent to make it memorable for all. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events