Volunteer Orientation & Child Protection Policy

U! Happy Events provides sustainable support and teaches values to marginalized children in the Philippines. We provide a platform for sponsors and volunteers to reach out to beneficiaries through creative and meaningful activities.

Understand the need for change.
Utilize partner’s time, talent and treasures.
Unify society through constant action.

We believe change starts with U!

Since December of 2006, we have done an average of more than 100 events per year. we’ve partnered with individuals, companies, and other groups to aid our programs that have benefited over 100 organizations focused on children across different locations.

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We organize volunteer events for U! Sponsor your own event here. For U! Happy Events to continue providing quality and sustainable events, we will be requiring a minimal sponsor fee of Php 250 for adults and Php 150 for students. This includes your own food, personal ID, U! Happy Events Baller ID and a pen. Your partnered kid will also get food, materials and gifts. See U! and thank you for partnering in our cause.

We will be providing the following in registration:

  1. Child Protection Policy Statement
  2. Brochure flyer of U! Happy Events
  3. U! Happy Events ID which has a volunteer frequency card.
  4. Optional but encouraged: U! Happy Events shirts or Happy dolls can be bought for Php 500 for 2 or Php 300 for 1. This serves as one of our fund raising channels.

We will provide during meal time:

  1. Profile Exchange and a free pen. This enables you to share profiles and messages with your partnered kid. Your profiles will be exchanged after.

Profile-Exchange     Profile-Exchange2

  1. Activities that day will also be mentioned. Your volunteer work is doing all the activities with the children. That may include games, workshop and the like. Our goal is to have an encounter filled with happiness, learning and impact.
  2. Additional guidelines on partnering with kids. Volunteer Kuya & Ate Take CARE:
    • Company – participate with your partner kid at all times, and make today a fun and impactful for them and U!
    • Affirm – find opportunities to encourage your kid. We want them to be more hopeful and confident.
    • Responsibility – don’t be rough and don’t do anything crazy with your kid. Watch out for them even as you have fun. Be a role model around them.
    • Engage – talk to them and listen. Use our profile exchange. Money or special gifts should be coursed thru U! Happy Events for special handling.
  3. Kids Rules::
    1. Manatili sa upuan.
    2. Makinig kay Kuya o kay Ate.
    3. Kung may kailangan, puntahan si Kuya o Ate.
    4. Panatilihin ang kalinisan.

Below is U! Happy Events’ Child Protection Policy Statement. Every volunteer is required to fill up their name and sign to conform with our policies to protect children.

As an organization for children since December of 2006, U! Happy Events fully recognizes its inherent responsibility to safeguard the welfare of children (any person below eighteen years of age during its events. U! Happy Events is committed to having guidelines in place to ensure the protection of children against abuse, violence, discrimination, and neglect. We further realize the importance of working in partnership with the children’s parents, family members, communities, guardians and you, our volunteers to uphold this duty.

The purpose of this policy is to promote the well-being of children by:
• Providing appropriate protection and care during the activities of U! Happy Events;
• Establishing a Code of Conduct to outline the responsibility and proper behavior expected of each volunteer or staff member;
• Providing volunteers/ staff with guidelines to follow in the event they suspect a child may be at risk of, or experiencing, abuse or harm.

This policy applies to volunteers, U! Happy Events staff member, or any other party who will have direct contact with the children (i.e. performers, artists, suppliers).

Code of Conduct
1) I will treat children with dignity and respect regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, social background, culture, special need or disability.
2) I will never act in an inappropriate way that shames or humiliates a child or in a way that perpetrates any form of verbal, emotional, sexual or physical abuse (or inappropriate contact) to a child.
3) I will engage in activities with children only in places that are in full view of other people. I will avoid being alone with a child without an authorized guardian or staff member.
4) I will never use inappropriate language (profanity or vulgar-words) when speaking to or in the presence children.
5) I will never physically strike a child (beat or slap) even as a method of discipline.
6) I will never subject children to inappropriate communication from any platform including social media, videos, pictures or face-to-face.
7) I will keep confidential any intimate information about the children or their families that could endanger their security, regardless whether the information is disclosed on purpose or obtained inadvertently.
8) I will never solicit a dating/ sexual relationship with a child.
9) If I witness a child abuse, or suspect a child is subjected to harm, or a child conveys to me with such an incident, I will urgently report the matter to the proper staff or relevant authorities.
10) I will carry myself with courtesy and respect, and treat other people the same way, especially in the presence of children.
11) I will help create an environment of trust, comfort and safety for children by strictly obeying these rules.

Click here to download a PDF format of the U! Happy Events’ Child Protection Policy Statement.

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