580 NumberWorks’nWords Tutorial with Little Lights 5 of 12

Monday, September 7, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Things starting to change on our 5th session. The children of Little Lights now get to answer math computer questions more efficiently- less mistakes and faster. I believe on the next sessions mistakes will continue to thin or even disappear altogether.

The children who wait for their now are called by Ate Pam individually to check on their math table. In the first three sessions they had a paper to guide them. Moving forward they had to memorize.

Ate Pam also started providing prizes to the ones who top the math computer lessons and individual performance in the math table. Join us if you are free to volunteer. We still have 8 sessions left. We are at Fox Square Building, Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events