876 NU Skin’s Magic Workshop with Child Foundation

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

NU SKIN Philippines, our partner for 4 years in furthering children’s welfare, celebrated their Christmas Fun Fair with U! Happy Events: A Force For Good Christmas Celebration For The Benefit Of CHILD Foundation. December 2016 marked its 20th year of giving medical aid in South East Asia and its 9th year here in the Philippines, together with CHILD Foundation and Philippine General Hospital supported by different distributors from all over the country. Since 2007, 730 children with heart disease and complication had been granted with assistance by their program.

Christian Marilao, one of the beneficiaries of the charity program who just recently underwent an operation, delivered a short yet remarkable speech extending words of gratitude to the doctors, donors and other people involved, on behalf of all the children who were given second chance in life.

50 kids who went through successful heart surgeries, along with their parents and guardians, came to celebrate Christmas with NU SKIN family. After long time of waiting for approval and operations, these children can now have fun and play with the others after full recovery.

Booths were set up for the kids, and even the kids-at-heart, to avail. You’ll see every face, arm or hand painted with artsy drawings, cartoon characters or superheroes from the Face Painting booth. Colorful clouds fly everywhere from the Cotton Candy booth. Mommies stood by beside the Churros booth and waited for the steamy and moist churros with chocolate dip. Everyone lined up to have his and her picture taken in the Photo Booth. And who can resist ice cream? Manong Sorbetero from the Dirty Ice Cream cart relieved everyone’s sweet tooth.

To get the children and other guests invigorated, a game was headed by Kuya Harvard from U! Happy. Pass the Ball with a Twist. The mechanics of the game: each table with kids, parents and guests seated, was given a ball. Music shall be played and they have to pass the ball to the person next to them. When the music stops, the person holding the ball must stand and make one of the symbols assigned—heart, Christmas tree, snowman, fireworks and baby Jesus. The table that earned 3 points after many rounds won the game.

For more surprise entertainment, our Master of Magic kuya Kobe, demonstrated spectacular show of magic; there were doves flying out of a piece of hanky, umbrellas appearing out of thin air, floating tables and singing drawings. The kids were all mesmerized by his tricks. As cherry on top, kuya Kobe taught 2 tricks for the kids to learn and gave a few souvenirs from his magical box.

Of course, a Christmas party won’t be a Christmas party without food and gifts! Lauriat meals were served per table; everyone shared Aristocrat’s signature barbecue chicken, special pancit, fresh lumpia, caldereta and buko pandan. After a heart-full meal, each child was given Christmas gift and Spaghetti package for Noche Buena care of NU SKIN, their employees, distributors and other donors.

Aside from providing aid through their medical missions, NU SKIN Philippines and Philippine General Hospital made these children’s Christmas more meaningful by giving them another extension with the gift of life. May their mission extend to more children in need all over the world and bless them with more years to live.

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