16 Nourish the Kids with Lighthouse Foundation

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Written by Kuya Harvard

Wow. Galing ng Balloons. Ganda! was the initial reactions of the 70 Kids from Lighthouse Foundation and 134 Partner Volunteers of Nourish the Kids, as they went up the venue in Rotary Center, Commonwealth, QC. Several activities marked this 6-hour memorable Christmas event. It started with notes and visions from 3 speakers- myself for the foundation’s profile, Ms. Cheena Hijosa for Lighthouse profile and Ms. Melissa Tongol for Nourish the Kids details. Ms. Melissa emphasized that many children die and suffer from malnutrition all over the world- mostly in the areas of Africa. The event was jump started by Regalo or Bayong and the Food Festival which featured Chicken, Spaghetti and Sandwich with VitaMeal, the supplement added to food for nourishment. There was also Krispy Kreme, Chocolate Fondue and Dirty Ice Cream. A free flowing of drinks also made it more festive for everyone.

The most awaited part of the project was the 40-minute Circus Show featuring Dynamic Acrobats. Wow it was… never before seen stunts from professionals. What followed was a demonstration of Balloon Twisting- every kid got an animal twisted by Kuya Edward. Friends from Victory followed suit with 2 Christmas medleys- one way to uplift our spirits this Christmas. Special thanks to Ms. Diana Lim- one of the greatest singers I know, for organizing the Choir. One of the best parts was the Kids Presentation- dance, Heal the World performance and the adorable prayer. Speech from Judge, Testimonies from Ate Jam and Kuya Alfred followed. The Gift Giving, Profile Exchange and Picture Taking were done next. The whole event was in video, care of ABS CBN’s Noypi. The last part was House visitation- Volunteers travel to the Kid’s home for their good bye’s.

We thank all the people who made this event great. Our challenge is for everyone to re-visit their kids and give them their Christmas wishes. We thank God for guiding and blessing us for Nourish the Kids. We hope you can still pledge for our program for 2008- 70 Kids for daily nourishment with VitaMeal for 3,000 pesos only. Thanks U!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events