715 NGA Human Resources Art Workshop with Ysiro Elementary School

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Andrei de Borja

Going to San Ysyro Elementary School was difficult. Not only were the roads rough, it was far from the commercial establishments of Antipolo. Houses sprung up every once in a while, but not too often. So you could imagine the distances that San Ysyro students traverse to get a chance to learn. The difficulty to get to the location was something that the NGA CSR team recognized, as such they partnered with Team ICE and U! Happy Events to make a fun filled art activity for the kids.

It took almost 2 hours to get to the school. But upon arriving, the school’s backdrop was very picturesque – there were just hills upon hills and green pastures in sight. It was also surprisingly chilly, a sign that it’ll be a perfect day for an event.

There were almost 200 children at the back of the open court waiting for the teams to arrive. You could see in their faces how giddy they were to start. For the first activity, the kids grouped themselves into 10. Around 5 volunteers from NGA were assigned to each group. The host asked the groups to introduce themselves by saying their name, their favorite color, and their favorite celebrities. To energize the groups, a game of Bring Me Shapes had the groups forming themselves into stars, triangles, squares, trees and even roller coasters for a chance to win prizes. As everyone settled in from the energizing activity, it was time for the art activity.

The art activity was simple, but useful – a fishing game. Materials distributed to the groups were barbeque sticks (with the tips cut off), yarns, paper clips, scissors and papers drawn with fishes. The first task was to create the fishing rods. A foot length of yarn was simply tied to the barbeque stick. The paper clip was then reshaped into a hook, then yarn was tied to it. After that, the volunteers were tasked to help the children cut the fish shapes off the paper. A finger length of yarn was then tied from the fish’s mouth, knotted to create a round shape. Basically, the fish shapes would just be spread on the ground, with the fishing rod’s hook attempting to catch the fishes. You could see the joy in the children’s eyes as they try their best to hook one fish after another.

It was finally time for merienda – chicken adobo, vegetables and rice. The volunteers were asked to eat with the kids to foster more interaction. Once everyone’s done eating, it was time for gift giving. The NGA CSR Team and Team ICE had a lot of gifts to give, like school supplies, ice creams, and goodie bags. More importantly though is that they’d be giving away Crocs to the children because they saw how far these children walked just to get to school, and how damaged their current slippers were.

The event ended with a group picture and a round of hugs.Thank U! to the NGA CSR Team and Team ICE for making this event a joyous success.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events