U! Know Newsletters

Our U! KNOW quarterly newsletter contains updates about our events, testimonies from our volunteers, information about our partners and ways on how you can partner with U! Please go through them and share to your friends as well. Thank U! :)

Issue #14: August 2016

We had our usual annual event last May called Street wherein a concert for a cause ensued. We also had our annual team gathering to be able to serve U! better.

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Issue_14_2nd page

Issue #13: February 2016


In this issue we highlight our first decade of service, our core writers and heart’s day this month. We look forward to hearing from U!

Issue #12: October 2015


Our latest U! Know mentions our unique partnership with partner organization, JCI Princess Urduja. We have done quite a number of events through the years, but it is our first to have a project that donates hair to children and women. It also highlights our Workshops and Field Trips page among others.

Issue #11: June 2015


Half year of 2015 and we are sharing to you what happened in one of our biggest and 500th event, Art Reach. It also contains useful updates on our website and other necessary information valuable to us to U! Happy reading!

Issue # 10: March 2015


Our 10th quarterly newsletter highlights several changes U! Happy Events has been doing. We continue to find ways to be interesting to our network of partners and children by innovating and being more creative. Some of these is our new Happy doll, Happy stamps and even getting a uniform look across all our branding.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events