241 New Zealand Natural’s Donation to CONCERN, Marikina

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

Our third and final stop on a a busy October 26 Saturday. When in doubt, eat ice cream. Well, at least some people do. Much like a dozen donuts or a slice of cake, ice cream has always provided comfort to those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Needless to say, this delectable frozen dairy is a sure hit when it comes to children. So last October 26, ice cream did serve its purpose again when volunteers from New Zealand Natural (NZN) Ice Cream, Inc. joined U! Happy Events in reaching out to children beneficiaries from Marikina City.

The group navigated their way through Marikina’s mid-afternoon traffic to reach their next destination, Baranggay Nangka. U! Happy Events is definitely no stranger to this place, nor to the people, as some of the group’s bigger events from previous years were actually held in the same area. With the assistance of CONCERN, a disaster-response management group, children from the community waited eagerly in their lines for the team and the volunteers of NZN. With the sun already setting, the group rolled up their sleeves and got to work immediately in assembling the lines for the gift distribution. 500 kids received early Christmas presents they can share with their families. And of course, those wonderful ice cream flavors they indulged in put a sweet cherry on top of the whole day’s endeavor.

The day was quite an adventure – reaching out to different beneficiaries in different venues. But it was truly satisfying especially with the enthusiasm and generosity shown by the volunteers of New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Inc.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events