439 Film Showing, Annie with A-HA Learning Center

Friday, January 23, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

As the work week came to an end, the U! team got to spend a pleasant evening with kids from A-HA Learning Center. Members of the Core Team gathered at the Cinema Hall of Greenbelt 3 to welcome the kids and watch a special screening of the 1982 movie, “Annie.”

Situated in Makati City, A-HA! Learning Center provides free tutoring and supplementary education to public school children living in the city. The kids were accompanied by some of their parents/ guardians who were likewise eager to see the film.

The kids were clearly excited as they lined up just outside the cinema doors. Before heading in, the Core Team handed them their dinner as well as some other snacks they can munch on to complete the movie experience.

One could really hear the kids’ giggles and cheerful remarks throughout the movie. It was indeed a fresh take on a classic – Annie with much of this generation’s ‘social’ technology.

This was clearly one of the team’s most relaxed activities thus far. From dealing with all the intricacies before and during the events, it was a welcome experience to just sit back and enjoy a charming movie with some equally delightful kids.

U! again thanks the kind-hearted sponsor for allowing us to put this event together and making room for the kids of A-HA. May their tomorrows be sunny as well!

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U! Happy Events