391 Monfort Foundation’s March of Saints

Friday, October 31, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls, an aposolate of Monfort Foundation, partnered with us for the second installment of March of Saints. It is a Christ centered alternative in celebrating Halloween. There were around 200 children including our partner beneficiary, Bahay Maria, all in costumes of different saints and Bible characters.

The Church regards All Saints Day as a time for honoring the saints. Today, there is a growing concern among Christians that the modern celebration of Halloween trivializes and even glamorizes evil, superstitious and pagan practices that are incompatible with the Christian faith. The March of Saints is a fitting tradition that can be firmly established in every church to reclaim the sacredness of All Saints Day.

We started the early afternoon gathering the children and their guardians, making sure they are all dressed up for the day’s festivities. The mass was held first at the iconic Manila Cathedral headed by Bishop Bernardino Cortez. It was followed with a long trail of parade after. It started inside the cathedral then to the surrounding garden in front. Bishop then spearheaded the blessing of the volunteers and children who were part of March of Saints.

U! Happy Events welcomed everyone as they arrived to the next venue, Fort Santiago, Manila. A nice big tent was set in the middle for late afternoon’s short and happy program. Kuya Harvard hosted two interactive games: Bato Bato Pick and Saints, Children and Storm. More than fun, the goal was to get the children acquainted with the rest of the participants- volunteers, guardians, organizers and guests.

Board member JB dela Cruz took the stage to showcase his usual magic tricks in the delight of the crowd. Here we wanted to highlight that only God can do real magic and through Him we can do great things.

The program ended with meals and happy hearts. Thank you so much Monfort Foundation for inspiring us to do more Christ centered events like these.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events