481 Mommy Esther and Ate Jobs’ Accessory Making with Alay Buhay Development Foundation

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

The 2nd event of the Sunday saw the U! Happy Events team make their way to Quezon City for another inspiring gathering with a different set of curious kids. Though it was the last event of the day, it did not lack any excitement. A mother and daughter duo was making their way to the venue as first time sponsors. A new partner beneficiary had in tow some community children also as first time participants.

The newly constructed Rotary Center (along Mother Ignacia and Don A. Roces) in Quezon City served as the site of the day’s creative affair. Alay Buhay Foundation was the beneficiary for this one – a group dedicated to aiding communities in caring for children by providing educational support, as well as livelihood programs for their families.

The event was made possible by Mommy Esther and daughter Ate Jobs Estrella. These two were not only related by blood but also by the same birthday month! They brought along with them their friends and other family members to meet the kids of Alay Buhay.

The volunteers and kids finally did meet and sat down in groups. The enthusiastic lot of kuyas and ates were joined by some more student volunteers to add more fun to the event.

With the volunteers and kids together, they sat in circles to get to know one another. After getting introduced, they directed their eyes, ears and inquisitive minds to a spirited story-telling by resident narrator, Ate Dyali Justo (Adarna Storytellers). Ate Dyali soon got everyone involved as she had them make some animated sounds to really liven up the values-filled fable.

Next up was some healthy competition with the Stack Me Up game. This game was about teamwork and some quick thinking as the teams raced to form pyramids out of paper cups. The pyramids though had to be formed in the specific sizes and numbers being required. With their brains together, one of the teams got the win for their kids. A bonus round was also played wherein the teams were asked to form one giant pyramid. A different team got the win this time and were ecstatic as they also won prizes for their group.

The next activity was another first for U! Happy Events. It was an accessory making workshop using paracord (parachute cord). This is typically used as suspension lines for parachutes and rock-climbing ropes. Because of their rigidity and colorfulness, they can also be used artistically as accessories (bracelets, anklets, etc.). Everyone looked to Ate Sang for this activity. She patiently guided everyone thru the somewhat complex steps in creating the accessories. The parents got in on it too and offered some needed help to the kids. After the activity though, the kids had some vibrant souvenir to take home with them.

It was finally time for some afternoon snacks! The kids and volunteers were served a generous meal to re-energize their well stimulated minds and hands. They were such engaging participants and the nourishment was truly well deserved.

Being a birthday celebration, the group then serenaded Mommy Esther with a happy birthday together with a (cup) cake and candle-blowing to top it all off. As it turned out, she was celebrating her special day exactly that Sunday which was a wonderful surprise to everyone.

The entire group then gathered for a final picture and the kids embraced their kuyas and ates goodbye as they received their gifts.

A lot of volunteers have come and gone in our 9 years of putting events together. This day however provided some encouraging boost with Mommy Esther and Ate Jobs. In them we saw a mother and daughter who felt the need to share their blessings on their birthday. Thank U! for heeding this call and thank U! to all the volunteers for spending their time and creating memories with Alay Buhay Foundation. We hope to see U! again soon!

Testimony from Ate Jobs:

It was always been my dream to spend my birthday with kids who dont enjoy the same luxuries I enjoy in life. One time, my friend from college celebrated her birthday sponsoring kids, with uhappyevnts and it was my first time volunteering ever. So it became a goal for me to do the same one day, once I have the resources because I had soooooo much fun!!

On the day of my event, most of my friends who volunteered backed out so I was really nervous because we might not be able to handle the kids, Thankfully, the team did a terrific job handling the event even though most of us were having a hard time with the paracords! Lol. The kids were even better at following instructions. It was so much fun hearing the kids stories and seeing them smile during the games and activities!! It was the best gift ever.
The event was also a surprise for my mom because it was her birthday that day! So it was really more of my gift to her than to myself. My heart is very very happy to share my blessings and love to these kids!

Thank you so much to the team for making the event hassle free and fun!! Looking forward to work with you guys again in the future. You guys are a blessing! Keep up the excellent work. I love your passion.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events