25 Mock Kids Olympics with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

Its the Olympic and the Filipino Cultural month! Together with this two themes- U! Happy Events has partnered with Living Dreams for Kids Olympics through Larong Pinoy with 100 Kids! =) U! Happy Events did a half day mock of the 4 games we are playing for Kids Olympics. These are Patintero, Agawan Base, Luksong Tinik and Doctor Quack.

This activity made sure that 100 Kids of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation fully understand and can play it on August 30. It was a challenge explaining the mechanics and executing them. Mock then was a great idea since we are dealing with 7-10 year old hyper active kids. The ice cream treat by Nestle Chuckie at the start was not a good idea. hehe. =) Thank U! Nestle.

One game after the other as we asked 8 teams lead by a volunteer to execute the games as it was being explained by Kuya Harvard and Ate Jo-e, game master and Kids Olympics project head. Agawan Base was tedious to explain but worked out well. Doctor Quack seemed to be most fun yet fast pace. Luksong Tinik showed kid’s athletic skills. Patintero, probably the most well known Larong Pinoy, was the most interactive and exciting.

We felt that the mock also energize Kids to be more excited. We told them to practice and practice… so they can get awesome prizes. U! as volunteer since U are partnered with them can also get to have U! Medals. They can actually play with their friends for the next 7 days!

Mock Kids Olympics happened from 9AM-12NN with a bunch of volunteers from U! and living dreams at Pinagbuhatan Covered Court in Pasig. If you are reading this, we hope you can be part of the main event. The project aims to accomplish three (3) major things through your great support.

1. Bring back the Tradition of “Larong Pinoy” to the Kids and to U, our young Partner Volunteers. We give value to playing Games as they have a unique way of building relationships. They also foster great values like team work, perseverance, hard work and excellence. We want to instill Winning as an important tool in going through Life.

2. Provide Game Programs to all 100 Kids of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. This is comprised of Rubber Shoes, Shorts, and Shirt & Medical Check-up. Your valuable investment here is Php 3,000 only. You will receive a profile of the Kid you will Sponsor. You can also pledge at Php 500 for every Kid.

3. Enhance the beneficiary’s Game Facilities so that the Kids can continually play “Larong Pinoy” at their free time. We want to provide this as our legacy to the Kids in their center. U! Happy Events will take part in providing fun at Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation even if we are not there anymore.

If you are raring to go and excited like the core members are, invite and start Utilizing your network. Let’s get as many people to join and raise funds for these Kids. On event day, we advise you to wear your game outfits, extra stuff and your winning attitude.

Again, this will happen on August 30, Saturday 8AM-4PM at Rain Forest Park in Pasig. The park is located in F. Legaspi Street, Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City (corner Eusebio Avenue). We meet U at 8am NOT 9am for volunteer orientation, practice the games and set-up. The kids will arrive at 10am. Please be on time.

Commute route: Take bus to Shaw Blvd Crossing- ride Jeep with “Pasig Palengke” (around 20 minutes)- Tricycle to Rain Forest Park (around 7 minutes).

Car route: Take EDSA then go to Ortigas- straight to Ortigas extension- after Rosario bridge, right to C. Raymundo Street- around 700 meters is South Star Drug at corner- left to F. Legaspi Street- around 500 meters is Rain Forest Park.

We hope you can be our Blessing Partner in Kids Olympics. Your Heart to Serve and Give will make this U! Happy Event reach its Goals for the Kids. Let’s provide these Kids a Better Life. Together as a Team, we can make them HAPPY! =) Please act today…

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events