177 Mind Museum Tour with Tuklasan

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Written by Volunteer, Janis Willa.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

It was another wonderful day of love and devotion in giving, especially with the Christmas spirit coming alive. It entailed sharing of our time, talent and treasure to the kids of Tuklasan. On Dec. 22, 2012, the U! Happy Events team and their volunteers had lunch with these kids at Jollibee; and each kid bonded with their respective ate or kuya volunteer. We exchanged good conversation while having our meal together. We got to know about their personal life – family, studies, friends and even little things such as their favorite color and food. It was inspiring to hear short stories from these smart kids, because it provided us with the sense of wonder and awe, on how they deal with challenging events surrounding them at such an early age.

The bonding moment extended to a 2-hour tour of the Mind Museum. It was interesting for both kid and volunteer to move around and discover things together – a totally enriching experience. It was the first time for us to go for this tour. Mind Musuem is known for interactive discoveries on the wonders of science. They have 4 galleries- Atom, Earth, Life, Universe, and Technology.

The U! Team also gave out bags and bags of goodies (coming from different sponsors) to the Tuklasan kids – for their personal needs and consumption. Seeing the big smiles on these kids’ faces was the top heart-quencher for that day.

I would like to share my personal experience, since it was my first time to join a U! Happy Event. In the past, I usually just give a donation through my very good friend, Te, who is a main stay in the team. She asks for pledges and I just serve what I can. This time, despite my pretty roller-coaster-of-a-schedule, I was able to get a leave from work just for a day to try out sharing my time. I could not imagine the feeling that is more than good. It is different when we get to share not just monetary means, but our time, our service, our presence -which seems much more fulfilling! There is that lingering joy in my heart for every smile I see on the kids’ faces. I am glad that (my kid partner) Grace is a very expressive kid and it was easy to get to know her well in just 3 hours. Her enthusiasm about life and her family inspired me. She studies hard to maintain her scholarship and I am pretty sure she will be truly successful one day. As we talked, I gave her motivational words of wisdom and rooted for her perseverance. She is one smart and sweet kid.

Make a change. Let U! Happy Events make your life leave a legacy to your family and friends. Share. God bless. Thank you to Ate Jet for sponsoring this event, our 10th Day of Christmas for 2012! :)

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