896 Mi Amores Cares Foundation Celebrates with Little Lights

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

The team continued to be a mediator for the celebrations even after Christmas. The whole month of December has always have been our peak time and at this season we raise so much more blessing for our beneficiaries. Officially we had 38 events in a span of just 29 days and each one was uniquely different. The common theme however has always been sharing, loving and caring to one another.

Little Lights Ministry headed by Pastor Joseph Casaje and Sister Jeanette got 40 kids to join an event sponsored by Mi Amores Cares Foundation. As their name suggest their goal is to love and it was felt in this short but meaningful afternoon party. Five of their volunteers joined on a series of activities which started with letters. These papers contained things to be thankful on the left and prayers or wishes for the upcoming 2017.

We also had a short dance activity, Pass the Dance, a Bible story telling by volunteer Kuya Ponchi and then a small feast. The kids faces lighted towards the end as they were handed with Mickey Mouse bags with various goodies inside them. Oh I wished you saw these smiles as the kids received these tokens. To show appreciation, kids gave hugs to our volunteers.

Thank you also to Ate Ren dela Cruz, our outgoing secretary for initiating this worthwhile activity.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events