164 Manila Downtown YMCA’s Medical Mission with Project Pearls

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

This event for group Project Pearls was explored months before it actually happened. A group from Manila Downtown YMCA headed by Mr. Philip Huang met with Kuya Harvard for exploratory talks. We are glad it did happen at a timely manner- as kids from Ulingan were in dire need of medical help. Last November 18 was indeed a special day. Thank you Manila Downtown YMCA for this partnership!

Besides Medical Mission, we also had game and photo booths, movie, magic show and dance! “We do events and make it essential and fun for kids and volunteers”, says Kuya Harvard. “We go beyond what is expected for a full experience”, he adds. The combination of activities did make the long Sunday memorable.

We would like to thank YMCA Youth Club as well for sending 35 young but high spirited volunteers. They were from teens and young adults- full of life and very much ready to serve. Most of our core team members started with these beginnings. We are positive they will continue in this journey of volunteering.

There were 200 kids ages 5-13 years old came with their parents at Bgy. 105 covered court in Maginoo Street in Tondo Manila. We were blessed to have a equipped medical team composed of 20 doctors and 15 nurses. Medical Mission, Inc. also partnered for medical supplies and equipment.

The end part was quite wild as families got excited to get gifts. We were able to provide school supplies including bags and treats to the kids. See you on our next events! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events