273 Maynilad GIS Celebrates with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

It is a busy December for U! Happy Events. This was the 5th straight day we had an event and 19th for the month. Although we were busy, we get ourselves pumped up to serve and made sure kids and volunteers do have a happy encounter.Maynilad Geographic Information System or GIS made this their group’s Christmas party and is planning to do more in the coming years. Their department came with 112 volunteers- the most we had this 2013. 14 other volunteers from U! came as well and we partnered them with 30 kids battling cancer and their guardians.

Early morning event was all about an early celebration of giving, love and hope. Maynilad GIS sponsored face painting, balloon twisting and an array of talent shows to entertain everyone. Selected pool of their employees sang and dance. Kuya Harvard in delight commented in every performance.

We also had two games to add more fun to an already festive day. Body works first through pairing and pass the charades in the theme of Christmas symbols was next. We believe in games as it connects each other. It is a way to be more comfortable. Agree? :)

Thank you Maynilad GIS. We look forward to serving with you again. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events