872 Maersk’s Christmas Tree with Precious Heritage Children

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

Baseco, Manila is one of the areas in the Philippines where fellow Filipinos have resided without the guarantee of permanency. Families have grown in number, but assistance for better living is limited. But who would have thought that aid can come even from people outside Philippine boarder lines?

The Finance team of Maerks Trading willingly volunteered to reach 40 children from Baseco under supervision of Precious Heritage, and celebrate a humble-yet-full-of-fun-and-surprises Christmas party. Headed by Mr. Nintin, their team of 30 members comprised of different nationalities from Slovenia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Condura, Colombia and other neighboring countries.

Since there were a number of volunteers from our sponsor, they were able to interact in depth with the kids. To jump start the party early in the morning, kuya Harvard divided the kids, ates and kuyas into 10 teams with 4 kids and 2 to 3 volunteers. A short time of getting-to-know was given to share each members’s personal information, favorite food and what they wish for this coming Christmas. Many said they love spaghetti and fried chicken. Some wished for toys and money as gifts. But one, this one tiny creature of cuteness wished that her family get together this Christmas.

We all know that a party won’t be a party without games. Since it’s already Christmas season, the theme of the first game is related to its celebration. Bring Me Art! The groups were asked to cut out from colored papers things such as gifts, keso de bola and Christmas tree. And it didn’t stop with just games. More shows were prepared for the children. There was an almost-grand Magic Show which awed everyone watching and a short song number from the Soda Sisters where the kids also sang along. With ate Blanca’s creative skills, the kids were also taught how to make a mini Christmas tree made from colored papers and sequins.

Generosity was definitely overflowing that day. Aside from heavy lunch of chicken and spaghetti with dessert, gifts for children were all over the place. Each kid was given a bag full of Noche Buena package for them to take home for their families and other goodies to share with their siblings and friends, and school supplies which they can use in class.

No words can describe how blissful the kids were. And what’s more surprising was that the people behind their joy could not even speak clearly the language these kids know. But that day marked another milestone for humanity; love is the universal language and words of mouth will never be a barrier when the heart speaks.

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