32 Ate Malou Celebrates with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

U! Happy Events has been a vehicle for many to share their blessings with kids. This time, it was Ate Malou Galian, a regular volunteer and core member of U! who made it happen for young kids inflicted with cancer. Her thanksgiving in partnership with U! Happy Events was aptly titled Love and Understanding for Cancer Kids or L.U.C.K. 50 in-patients and 50 out-patients with their parents/ guardians were welcomed by 60 volunteers at Philippine Children Medical Center.

The event started with the customary registration of volunteers at 12noon. Each got their souvenir IDs and colorful headband suited for a fairy. We wondered if the guys will wear them too, but they chose to just give it to the ladies. The volunteers were briefed about the exciting activities for the day and were presented with U!’s profile video. Then shortly, the first batch of kids that the volunteers will meet that day started arriving accompanied by their parents.

Lunch was served with the help of the volunteers. Eating together gave everyone the chance to get to know their partner kid and parent. 80% of the cases of the cancer infliction of the kids we met is leukemia, a cancer of the blood of bone marrow and is characterized by the abnormal proliferation of blood cells.

When everyone was through with lunch, the tandem of Kuya Rey and Kuya Arthur of “Rey Magic” performed their witty, revealing and artistic magic tricks! It was like magic 101 where the magicians explained how they do their tricks. But all of us were still left dumbfounded at how Kuya Rey turned a crumpled handkerchief into a pigeon, how he made the picture of Bayani Agbayani (who he claims is his look-a-like) disappear and appear back on the photo frame or how he made his puppet talk. But the latter was quite a give-away. But surely, the kids enjoyed. One of them were also turned up into a magician herself! (see the pictures!)

What happened next was a turning point for many. MonMon, a kid who suffers from cerebral palsy was very eager to share with everyone a song number. We were elated after knowing about it so much more when we learned that he once appeared on TV in Wowowee when his Nanay, ‘Nay Vilma, got picked to play a game in the show. On TV he sang Hawak Kamay. At PCMC, he sang for everyone “Paint your Love” by Michael Learns to Rock. It was beautiful, heartfelt and moved everyone to tears. His strength is very admirable. His was a gift that’s very reflective of faith and love. He fought against the difficulty to utter words and showed everyone that he is still very blessed in spite of his sickness, like all the rest of the kids there.

Nanay Vilma was invited afterwards to deliver a message to everyone on behalf of all the mothers and fathers who have kids with cancer under their love and care. This moved everyone to tears or on the verge of it all the more. One of the most stirring things she said was, “Kapag tayo ang may sakit, binabali-wala natin.. Pero ‘pag anak na natin ang nagkasakit, lahat para lang mapagaling siya, gagawin natin.” She continued to remind all of us that it is with the strength of prayers that they are able to rise above sickness and difficulties and that love keeps MonMon alive, like all the rest of the kids who are very much loved by their parents and family.

Gifts of backpacks with school supplies and toiletries and coloring books and crayons from Kuya Kiko Tan were distributed to the volunteers for them to give to each of the 50 out-patient kids.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts for snacks were served before the group picture taking. Thank you Kuya Roland Fontilla for taking great pictures! Volunteers said their goodbyes and sent their hugs to the kids and their parents.

The sharing of blessings was not over yet. With the rest of the 50 gift bags plus a cupcake each, Volunteers headed to the wards, sans the cameras, to visit the kids admitted at PCMC. Each cupcake had a candle on top to symbolize the wish the volunteer and the kid will make together. Most of these kids, like many of the out-patients too, are currently going through chemotherapy. Some of them have just learned about their sickness while some still can not leave the hospital to enjoy a normal life outside with the provision of medications and visits back to the hospital because of lack of finances.

It was an awe-inspiring event that ended with hopeful hearts. We thank all the volunteers who shared their time and blessings to make these kids happy!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events