287 Love Story with Bahay Maria

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Written by Board Board Member, Glenn Costales

Last February 8, the team of U! Happy Events once again visited the charming kids of Bahay Maria in Bel Air, Makati, for Love Story. With a week before Valentines, it was only fitting that the event was all about L-O-V-E. This was made possible through the partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines, specifically the chapters of Makati Princess Urduja. Other chapters like Makati, Manila and Fort Bonifacio also visited and supported our partnership. JCI is a non-profit organization composed of young people, pursuing lasting solutions to issues in the communities they reach out to.

This was the 6th time that U! Happy Events was holding an event in Bahay Maria, a shelter for abandoned/ surrendered young girls. Because of this, the kids and volunteers got acquainted (or re-acquainted) very easily. Even with people still piling in, the kids were already overflowing with excitement engaging some of the volunteers in a bit of chit-chat and songs.

The day got started with one of U!’s favorite games, Paint-A-Picture. With the day’s theme though, it was really more like Paint-A-Love-Story. Divided into 9 groups, they cheerfully and sportingly ‘painted’ the given scenarios, from High School Musical to the popular movie Frozen.

After that, their creative talents were immediately at work as they engaged in art-making games and activities. This included creating a Valentines-inspired illustration using paper plates and other materials. Kuya Robbie, U!s art guru, likewise taught them how to make heart lanterns that literally brightened up the place.

With the enthusiasm still brimming, Kuya Rich from Alitaptap Storytellers led a fanatical story-telling of the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and this got everyone even more animated. But beyond the eager arm gestures and facial expressions, love, more particularly Jesus’ love for His sheep, was rightfully put in the forefront for the children to learn anew.

As the event concluded, the children lined up, receiving their gifts to remind them of the love story that they got to be part of that day.

God says that life is all about relationships and this is defined by how we manifest our love for others – family, friends, husband, wife – how much we give of ourselves. In last Saturday’s case, it was love for a group of children who have had painful experiences early in life. The heart-shaped lanterns and artworks cannot compensate for the hurt that these children have gone through. But this day created new memories for them to plant in their hearts and treasure – something for love to build on.

The goal of giving Love through Story books was met too. 1,000 story books is now on the way to be sent to other NGOs so kids can learn and be more creative through reading. U! Happy Events again offers its heartfelt gratitude to JCI, Bahay Maria and all the volunteers who gave their time, and much more.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events