835 Living Dreams’ Enchanted Kingdom with St. Hannibal

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Kuya Richard Yatar

It was indeed a magical experience!

Another day full of magic and colors as our kids from St. Hannibal Multilevel School and St. Anthony Boy’s Village visited Enchanted Kingdom last October 22, 2016. Of course, this event wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of Living Dreams.

Overall, there were 90 gorgeous and active kids that time. Each one was partnered to our ates and kuyas. Fortunately, we were able to gather more than 90 volunteers to attend to this event. Because of that, we achieved the one is to one ratio of kids and volunteers. We all know that checking the whole vicinity of Enchanted Kingdom is not a kid task so the whole team worked hardly to get as many volunteers as they can.

Before the event started, the organizers ensured that everyone had changed shirt already. That was a basic control to easily identify our people. Afterwards, we gathered everyone in a hall for dinner, volunteer-kid partnership and welcoming remarks. Kids were very shy at first whenever our ates and kuyas approach them. But eventually, they got more comfortable with each other.

After that, alas! The most exciting part – deployment. After giving the go signal, kids immediately ran outside the hall to start checking the area and to look for the best amusement ride to visit. Actually during that time, lots of people were also in EK celebrating something like birthdays, company outings and family day but the team managed to monitor everyone still. We ensured and asked our volunteers to have a full focus on their partner kid.

Few hours had passed and our kids needed to come back to the meeting place. They had 4 hours to enjoy the magical experience and for sure, they did enjoy. In fact, you can see everyone still full of excitement after the whole event. Everyone was very happy that time, not only the kids but also our volunteers.

That was not the first time that U! Happy made such event in Enchanted Kingdom. They made some of this before and still looking forward to bring more kinds to this happy place.

Well, giving back is something that people do nowadays. Many people think that doing something good is spiritually and emotionally rewarding and that their actions will always be remembered. Yes, they are right. And we need more goodwill like this to fulfill more lives that are still in the process of dreaming. With this, we can help their dreams come into reality.

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