LGC Group Gives Back to Nayon ng Kabataan

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Written by: Kuya Glenn Costales, President

December was still a week away but LGC group of companies had an early jump in sharing Christmas cheers last November 25 at Nayon ng Kabataan. Headed and owned by Mr. Lyndon Co, LGC is engaged in an array of business ventures from a line of gasoline stations to furniture distribution. Although this was their 1st partnership with U! Happy Events, this event was part of what had already been an annual Christmas tradition to give back to the community.

30 kids partnered with 30 kuyas and ates from LGC inside the warm expanse of Nayon’s compound in Mandaluyong City. To get things organized, we played a quick The-Boat-is-Sinking game to group the volunteers and kids into five (5). The volunteers soon got to know the kids as they shared what their favorite game was and what they wanted to be someday.

With the formal introductions out of the way, it was time to channel the vigorous vibe into a competitive game. The 1st one we played was the Beach Ball Relay. Lining up in pairs, the volunteers and kids pressed a beach ball between their hips and bodies. They then raced around an obstacle and back to the next pair in line. The game saw a lot of cheers, screams, inelegant running and even a few healthy stumbles with one team emerging the winner.

The 2nd game we played was called Bring Me Art – a variation of Bring Me but using art paper cut-outs instead of the actual things. This was a more expressive, creative and unique way of playing this child-favorite contest.

Kuya Rich was next up for a spirited story-telling session. Our storyteller is part of the professional group Pinoy Story Tellers and it showed in his engaging and glowing performance.

U’s very own Ate Amy then took front and center to lead the day’s Art Workshop. Aside from volunteering her weekends, Ate Amy is a teacher herself to young and artistic minds. She led the entire group into creating and designing their very own miniature Christmas Trees out of paper plates, colored papers and a lot of small sparkling accessories.

After the physical and mental exercises, a superb afternoon snack was served to everyone. The prizes for the winning teams were also distributed. Before heading off, LGC donated boxes of toiletries to Nayon ng Kabataan to aid the kids’ daily hygiene maintenance.

Thank U to Mr. Co and the kuyas and ates from LGC Group of Companies for generously sharing their time, talents and treasures to the kids. U! Happy Events certainly wishes them all the best this coming year.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events