LGC Group Gives Back to Mano Amiga

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Written by: Ate Ren dela Cruz, Board Member

With the season of giving so greatly celebrated in the country, it is no surprise that there are many individuals who reach out to those who need help the most. But it creates an extra tug in our hearts when companies do it together, empowering their organization’s members to contribute to the community and give back the blessings they have received. Such is the case of LGC Group who partnered with us last December 2 for a day filled with joy and giving for 50 kids from Mano Amiga Academy.

It was a jampacked morning with our volunteer ates and kuyas having prepared a lot for the children. After our customary Getting-to-know where we encourage the volunteers and kids to bond together and group them in smaller teams, we proceeded with the day’s activities. First up was In or Out, which got everyone laughing and alert whenever the category would be called out! Next up was Bring Me Art, our own take on bring me with a creative twist, where everyone excitedly cut up shapes for whatever was called to be “brought”. This was also to prepare everyone’s creative juices for the workshop up ahead.

Our ates and kuyas also wanted the kids to hear stories to fuel their imagination, so we called Kuya Brian for a Story Telling portion – which the kids and kids at heart excitedly paid attention to throughout. Since the day’s them was creativity and imagination, we then had ate Nikki do an Art Workshop for the children, and the ates and kuyas helped out the young ones create decorative Christmas wreaths which they could also display in their homes.

After all the meaningful activities, it was mealtime and an added opportunity for the volunteers and kids to talk to each other. To cap off the amazing time we had, we captured the joy via a group photo, and asked our kids to give warm hugs to their ates and kuyas who spent the morning with them.

Thank you to ate Tere and the rest of the team in LGC Group! It was a privilege to serve the kids with you. May you continue to give back and bring more smiles to those in need!

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