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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Written by Core Member, Desiree Uy

As the happy hearts celebrated their Valentine’s weekend last February 15, so did our team and volunteers from U! Happy Events celebrate life that day with the Kythe kids. In partnership with Kythe-Ateneo, U! Happy Events was given the chance to show love to these kids battling with cancer in its annual ‘Kythe Flying’ event. What better way to spend the love season than this!

Cancer during childhood is never easy. Imagine the battles these children have to go through in their every day lives. That is why Kythe-Ateneo’s theme for this year’s event is called “Metamorphosis”, which aimed to go beyond the awareness of the people, and to transform this awareness into action. The goal is for Ateneans and non-Ateneans to know what Kythe does for these children with cancer, and to encourage them to volunteer and to interact with the kids as well.

With the clear skies and bright sun, it was a perfect day to fly kites in the vastness of the Ateneo Bellarmine Field. But prior to that, there were a lot of entertaining booths and interactional activities in stored for the kids. The U! Happy Events booth was one of the kids’ favorite since ours had a face painter and a photo booth in place. The kids eagerly waited for their turn to have their faces painted with fun drawings of their choice—mostly of their favorite cartoon characters.

As soon as the kids already warmed up with their buddy volunteers, the activity went on to painting pots wherein the kids got creative in prettifying and putting color to the pots. Next was the kite-making activity, wherein they were given DIY kite-kits and then assembled them while being aided by their partner volunteers.

The event then proceeded to the major highlights of the day. As Superman and Batman arrived, not only were the kids excited to meet and take photos with their superheroes, but the volunteers as well. Superman and Batman were from CausePlay, volunteers who dress up for a cause. The fire truck ride activity sponsored by the Marikina Filipino-Chinese fire brigade was a major hit too. The children got to experience how it is to ride in the shining red, siren-wailing, supersized fire truck for the first time.

The culminating activity was the kite-flying with the Kythe kids. It was fascinating to see the huge bright colored butterfly-kites flying across the blue skies. But what was more beautiful to witness are the happy smiles of these kids with cancer, as they run up and down the Bellarmine field playing and flying their kites. As the event came to a close, each kid was blessed a big basket bag full of toys, snacks, storybooks, and other essentials.

“Kids should be flying kites, not fighting cancer” is the famous Kyther quote. Children flying kites is a symbolism of kids playing and getting back to being normal. Hence the ultimate goal of every volunteer is to give love and to make the Kythe kids happy, as they hopefully go through a ‘Metamorphosis’ of becoming better and healthier.

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U! Happy Events