638 Kuya Anton’s Hot Air Balloon with Children’s Joy Foundation Year 2

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Written by President, Ate Te Candano

It is always a delight to see past sponsors doing another event with us. This is the case for Kuya Ton who again celebrated his birthday by creating his own event with U! Happy Events. Last year, Kuya Ton had a carnival-themed party at QC Circle. For this year, he wanted to do an Art Workshop with 50 kids. This was what exactly happened on his birthday as we went to celebrate and be with 50 kids from Children’s Joy for an afternoon of fun and creativity.

The afternoon started with the kids being divided into 5 different groups. Volunteer Ates and Kuyas were added to each group. Volunteers present were Kuya Ton’s friends and family, students from DLSU and SPCP and bankers from Chinabank. We were able to give the teams enough time to get to know each other by introducing themselves while getting to know what the kids wanted to be when they grow up. It was nice to know that the kids had high hopes for their futures. The kids wanted to be doctors, teachers, policemen and the like. Each group also came up with groups names; Team Helpful, Team Happy, Team Sugar Team Galaxy and Team Star. It was refreshing to hear good values as the theme for some teams.

To keep their energy up, our first game was the Dance Craze Showdown wherein we played popular songs and each group should dance in unison to the song. We mix up the songs with new and old ones to challenge each team. It was encouraging to see kids leading for some rounds and Ates/Kuyas leading in some. The teams were very much united in wanting to win a prize for a team. After 6 rounds of dancing, Team Sugar emerged as a winner for this super fun game.

Next game was the Pass the Charades. This game is a combination of the usual games—charades and pass the message. In this game, team must act out the item we wanted them to guess for each player in the line and the last person was to go in front and give their answer. First one to give 3 correct answers win. Since Christmas was just around the corner, we decided to ask them to guess things related to Christmas like simbang gabi, christmas tree, snowman, lechon, etc. It was funny how one team’s answer to a round was reindeer when the correct answer was lechon. There was definitely a miscommunication somewhere down the line in that team but it doesnt matter as everyone had fun. After many rounds of pass the charades, the fastest one won and that was Team Helpful.

After two very energetic and physically challenging games, it was time for the volunteers and kids to have a more relaxed atmosphere as we started with our main event, the Art Workshop with teacher Ate Blanca. The kids, with the help of the volunteers, were to do Hot Air Balloon Mobile. This was a nice thing to put up at outdoor places where the wind can blow on the artwork and the colors of the hot air balloon can be seen. Ate Blanca carefully explained the process of the whole workshop and the kids and volunteers gamely followed the steps in creating a Mobile of their own. There was again much unity amongst the group as kids and ates/kuyas were helping each other cut out the paper, tracing the pattern and putting glue where it was needed, After the end of the session, the kids proudly showed off their creative output for the afternoon.

The afternoon of fun did not end there as everyone were treated to a yummy merienda and cupcakes from Sugar Cravings. The ates and kuyas also distributed school supplies for all the kid participants and lootbags which the birthday boy prepared. In return, the kids from Children’s Joy prepared a surprise number to the delight of the volunteers. A medley of Christmas songs and dances were done. They even sang Happy Birthday to Kuya Ton. The birthday celebrant ended the event as he wished for the kids to pursue their studies because it is only through education that they could reach their goals in life.

If you wish to also share your blessings with our partner beneficiaries, do celebrate with us and create your event. See how the birthday boy, Kuya Ton finds meaning to this unique birthday celebration. See Kuya Ton’s testimonial:

“I started celebrating my bday with the kids from different orphanages last 2013. More than a yearly tradition, it changes my way of celebrating my birthday to make it more meaningful and significant. For me there is this undescribable feeling of joy whenever I see the smile from the faces of this kids.They become my inspiration and help me realize that the true meaning of happiness is by sharing and caring for other. For them, it is not about material things, but it is our presence that is essential. It became a reminder to them that they are not alone in this journey—that there are still people who can bring hope to their lives. I want to encourage volunteers to be part of U! Happy Events and experience the true meaning of happiness.”

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