923 Kuya Tim’s Sun Visor with Kamuning Elementary School

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Written by Vice President for Internal, Ate Charmain Tan

This morning we visited the friendly and energetic third graders of Kamuning Elementary in Quezon City. Our partnership with them started in 2014. We arrived early today as everyone was looking forward to the day’s activities. The event was a thanksgiving celebration with his friends in line with the season of lent. We were welcomed by Principal Ana for a fun-filled morning.

We grouped the children and volunteers as they got to know one another. The first activity for the day was the Let It Go game. Each person was given a balloon which he had to blow let go. The spot where the balloon landed is the next starting point of the person and he had to blow and let the balloon go again until he reached the finish line. Kuya Ariel and two of the children finished last. As the consequence for losing the game Kuya Ariel was a sport as he led the kids and danced with them in front.

The next game was the Tic Tac Toe Relay. Players were divided into two groups. It was gonna be Kids vs Volunteers. The game followed the same tic tac toe mechanics but rather than playing it on a small board it was going to be played on the grid on the round. A 3×3 grid was formed from colorful hula hoops. Yellow and red colored scarves were gonna be used as markers. Kids took yellow while the volunteers took red. Players would run one a time towards the grid. They would either place a marker or take one of the opposing team’s marker out. They had to form as many straight lines as they could within the allotted time. It was fun as everyone ran as fast as they could towards the grid but at the same time strategizing where to put their markers. In the middle of the excitement some of the kids got confused by putting the opposing team’s scarves instead of their own. In the end it was the volunteers’ team who won, but of course they gave the prizes to the kids, and the kids ended up cheering also.

The kids then learned how to make sun visor for the art workshop. Teacher Blanca taught them to make colorful sun visors they can use as summer is already here. Some of the girls were really creative as they cut out flowers and butterflies to put on their visors. The boys, on the other hand, also did a great job by cutting out shapes like birds with pop up wings. The volunteers helped them in coming up with the designs for their hats. It was a way for the kids to develop their creativity as each of their visor was unique showing their different personalities. The kids happily put on their visors as we took their photos with the volunteers.

We then got to watch the bubble show by our popular bubble man. He started with small bubbles and worked his way towards bigger and even bigger bubbles. He made bubbles within bubbles as the kids tried to reach out and pop them. He also made life-sized bubbles and had kids and volunteers go inside. The kids happily stepped in with their ates and kuyas and had their photos taken.

After all the fun we had our chicken and spaghetti lunch. Kuya Tim and his friends also gave out school supplies for the children. We also gave the kids storybooks. Before the start of the activities I talked to some of the kids and they excitedly asked what we were going to do for the day. When they found out there’ll be games and arts they shouted “Yes!”. It is always great to see children so eager to learn and try out new things. Arts and development of a child’s creativity is as important as literacy. After all what these children learn becomes a part of who they are.

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